Bono was beaten by Annie!

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Oh, man! Diane Keaton let out a "shit" during her acceptance speech. Looks like the witch hunt will turn its attention back to Bono again...
at least, INTO THE WEST is a good song, from a good movie (finally, awards for LOTR :hyper: )

I hate Cold Mountain, Sting sucks (no one can make love 8 hrs a day)... I hate that this movie was so ass-kissed and nominated to every award available even before it premiered... :mad: :angry: :madspit:

Highlight of the night:
- Robin Williams presenting Master and Commander. Talks about the movie being as wet as Paris Hilton... :lmao:
- Bill Murray... do I need to continue?
I really like Annie Lennox too and have liked her long before I ever heard of Bono so I can't say I'm exactly sorry, but I would've been just as happy if Bono had won.
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