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Feb 17, 2001

Could someone please tell me the name of the company that is making the sunglasses Bono is wearing on this tour? It was on not too long ago, but I lost the link. Can anyone help me out?

They have a pic of Bono wearing Bulgari shades! The ones he usually wears on stage and also in the Elevation vid.

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There is a hairstylist here in NYC that has a sunglass line. His name is Frederique Fekkai. I read an article recently that those are the ones that Bono is wearing now on tour.

Which sunglasses that Bono wears? Those Bulgari's are what he's wearing on stage. Maybe these are something he wears while not onstage. Have any pics of these?

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He also wears Romeo Gigli, and maybe Ext? (which you can find on the Elevation single cover) PopMart shades were Alain Mikli's.
And yes, I'm also a Bono shades fanatic! Am I right, Suzie?

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Hey, glad I'm not alone Mr_Lemon! All I own are the Black Fly No. 5's, and all I've seen for sale are those and the Selima Optique frames from the American Walk On video. Just as well, I suppose, they're all pretty outrageously expensive, though I would love a pair of those Bolgari's.....
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