Bono "Inspired" leather jacket for sale::::

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The Fly
Jan 26, 2011
Here is a jacket that is definitely "Bono inspired" that i would like to sale. Its made of soft sheep skin leather, has red star on front and gold accents. Also, there is a black suede puma on the back like Bono has on his jacket. This jacket is very cool and def. gives that "Rock star" appeal and gets the same reaction from people. I only wore this once out then my other replica jacket (Red one pictured in the other album) was finished. Asking $200.00 for this jacket with free shipping to the USA. If interested, please let me know. Thanks!!!


(here is the link to pics of the jacket below)

cool cool.. id like to have that black jacket he wore during the Vertigo tour... anybody know who made that jacket?
This jacket is a size Medium-Medium Large... I say that because, although its smaller than most jackets that i personally would normally buy for myself (im 6'1 200 lbs) i can still wear it and it fits comfortably. Let me know if interested or feel free to make an offer. I just wanna try and give somebody on here a chance to get it before it goes up on another site. Thanks!!

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