Any Bono impersonators? Stage clothes/sunglasses for sale

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Mar 1, 2016
Hi. I pursued being a Bono impersonator for a while and had a lot of fun but I've had some personal issues come up and it's not a viable path for me now. I'm also going to sell part of my U2 collection.

I'm located in the US.

I have a few things I'd like to offer for sale to help anyone else considering doing this (or if you just want to have some cool Bono gear to wear)

I can provide pictures if you'd like.

For sale I have:

1 pair of Emporio Armani 9285 Rose sunglasses: They are used and have light scratches. I was hoping to get $125 for them. They come with the Emporio Armani case that I got with them and an Emporio Armani microfiber cloth.

1 Bono Vertigo tour jacket. It's a nearly perfect replica of the black and red Vertigo jacket that Bono wore in 2005 (as seen on the Milan DVD). I paid $140 for it originally and I'm asking $125. It's a men's medium. Very lightly used, comes with a soft garment pouch with a zipper to keep it in.

1 Pair of black TUK creepers, made of suede. They are unisex and very gently used Size: men's 9, women's 11, UK men's 8, Euro 42. I'm asking $50 for them and they can come with the original box as well. They are very gently used. I've only done 2-3 rehearsals wearing them. They are practically brand new.

1 black men's Levi's jean jacket (similar to the Dolce & Gabbana one worn at the Live 8 concert) I'm asking $30, I paid $45 and wore it 2 times. It is very gently used.

1 U2 by U2 hardcover book, book itself is in good condition with mildly worn corners, the sleeve cover is in fair condition with a little damage. The pages are pristine, the book's hardly been touched. I'm asking $10

I also have 1 RCI Starlite microphone stand (famously used by Bono on stage for many years.) that's practically brand new. It was purchased in March of this year. They charge just over $400 for one, please message me with an offer that you think is fair if you're interested. It will be shipped in 2 parts (the base then the rest) The mic clip adapter was modified by the company to fit with a standard Shure microphone clip, as far as I know I'm the only one that has one like this. The stand is made of brass and bronze and will not rust.

I also have a few pairs of replica Bono sunglasses if there's any interest. They're the same ones being sold by tcb-jewel on eBay. I will sell them for less than they go for on eBay.

I have 3 red (pink) pairs, 1 blue pair, and one clear pair. They are all replicas of Bono's smaller style of Elevation tour Bvlgaris

I'm still cleaning out my collection and if I think of anything else to add to this list, I'll update the post.

Thank you!
Vertigo Jacket Pictures




Armani 9285

Updated price for these is $200. Sorry for any inconvenience.



Important: The scratches on these sunglasses are intentionally exaggerated by finding the worst possible lighting to make the scratches as visible as possible in these next couple pictures.


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