Bono shades collection for sale - my mojoˋs gone

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Jan 1, 2011
Aye folks,
well, never even could have imagined spending a single thought bout doin this. But i will. My collectionˋs to leave da house.
Some bollock stole my dark blueish Bvlgari 611 s from my car. How I loved them. How ridiculously expensive these collectorˋs items were on the web. How I wore them over and over again. Welded to my freaky face. mojo os def gone.
Now what do we have got:
1. Emporio Armani EA9592 Gunmetal fading grey, incl bag and cloth, worn, not mint but in very good conditionIMG_0224.JPG
2. Emporio Armani EA9592 RED with original tag, incl bag and cloth, mint
Oh, btw, here are the other pairs:
EA 9592 RED including original tag, cloth and case, mintIMG_0224.JPG
EA 9285 RED including cloth, red case, mint
View attachment 1
Romeo Gigli 226/S orange including tag and case, very good condition
View attachment 1
D&G 2191 (?) from the book cover ´Bono on Bono´, very good condition
View attachment 1
Gratuity Bvlgari case left from the stealer for any buyer if interested.
So, feel free to contact me. All original stuff. Bought from the board or true fans all around the globe. Wish them to stay within the family of them aficionados of the shades

BR Jens
Sorry, do not know what´s wrong while uploading the pics.
Send me pm if interested in any pair, I ´ ll send photos immediately.
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