Bono&Bruce Springsteen (LOVE THREAD)

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The Fly
Jun 18, 2002
I personally think that they are the TWO MOST SEXIEST FRONT MEN EVER.My friend was telling me how Bono was inspiered by "The Boss" to just wear vest (via 86,87) at his concerts and look sexy playing gutiar.I love them both what is the sexiest thing yall like about them?mine is 1.Bruces butt:wink: 2.Bono's eyes:cute: .they have ALOT in common,passion,love for what they do,AMAZINGLY SEXY,and just good charitible hearts:heart:
So in honor of them both:)drool: :hug: :bow: :flirt: )
I looove Bono & the Boss :drool:





:hyper: BROOOCE! He's da man, he rules, he's forever my blue jean baby and my scruffy street poet with a sharp mind, a heart the size of America and (as we've noticed) a very cute arse. :D

I'd love and adore any other pics of them together.

BTW, "Sherry Darling" is a Bruce song and it where, obviously, I took my screen name.

Aahh now Angela, your making me feel old (probably old enough to be your mom) :hug:

I turned my 11 yr old on to Bruce though. As well as "THE BAND" obviously.

Does anyone have the full size version of this, and the other ones from that Nordoff-Robbins dinner? I have them on a CD, but God knows where :wink:


You'd better bow Bono :sexywink: :D

Now that was fun. Thanks to everyone:yes: :happy: :hug:
Going to watch Top 22 Voices now, MTV2 - Bono # 4, :bono: but missed the first 10 this morning. and the induction ceremony on VH1
Woo, Woo Edge:edge: coming up, in a little while.:drool:
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