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dream wanderer

Aug 7, 2000
All Acess on Vh-1 is doing a show about bad rock star behavior...and they did the bit about Peter Buck going crazy on that plane last year (while in the background they play "Its the End of the World as We Know it" :D Several music writers and critics and Alice Cooper weigh in (You expect that kind of behavior from Motley Crewe...but not R.E.M.!" It was so out of character for him...he must be possesed!" Funny comments...they they bring in the bit about Bono testifying...he was described as being like Clarke Kent...rushing in to help a friend (while they showed the clip of him running from ABD video! "It must be nice to have a friend like Bono who can come to your defense....

It was altogether a hilarious bit of one could believe Peter Buck could act that way...and they joked about Bono coming on the run to help him out...the music they used in the background was what helped make it so funny...check it out if you can...its a good laugh....

dream wanderer
I'm sure you'll get a chance to see it..Vh-1 loves to repeat these things.....this one is worth watching because it is presented so humorously...

dream wanderer
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