Australia Vs Ireland

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Jul 4, 2002
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the big game is about 7 hours away from starting....god help me if i can get up that early and watch 7's coverage, since i have a day off i'll proberbely sleep in......

but go the aussies :up:!
may the best team win

and may the best team be from aus :D

[I have to support Aus in this one because angie is still pissed because Pool lost to Chealsea because of a Hasselbaink goal :D:D]
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absolutely correct decision to replay the penalty though, although to be fair even if Cudicini hadn't moved off his line Owen would have missed it anyway.

Viduka got the lead, O'Shea of all people equalised, and Morrison scored the winner.
pretty decent - went to the world cup in '98.

there's this absolutely hilarious mp3 clip (well i thought it was funny anyway) by 'the 12th man' on australia beating england 4-0.
the 12th man is the funniest thing I've d/l on the net bar ... nothing

I think I have that one on Aus beating the pommies

the 12th man is one guy, Billy Birmingham. He started off mainly doing excellent impersonations of Channel 9's Commentators with the cricket in particular. His popularity soared because of it, and he is known for doing excellent send up's of most sports commentators in Aus and our sporting elite.
I'm not exactly sure where he started off, but he's now on TV and other places.
He does the cricket the best, and his Bruce 2000. A tear inducing send up of Bruce MCAverney and the 2000 Olympics.
yertle-the-turtle said:
...and on comes smith...did i pronounce that properly?
cracks me up all the time.....
does anyone own any 12th Man Cd's?
i have Wired World Of Sports, and Australia Vs Sri Lanka (both on one disc)
and hes lastest one 'The Final Dig'
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