anyone up for a mail trade?

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Oct 3, 2005

Looking for some trading action... verified as quick and efficient by many here on the board. After anything not on my list.


[1981-05-15]-U2-California Hall-San Francisco,USA-Boy Tour Looking For The Light In San Francisco-Y-Pro-VG
[1981-05-15]-U2-California Hall-San Francisco,USA-Boy Tour Out Of Control In San Francisco-Y-Pro-VG
[1983-06-05]-U2-Red Rocks Amphitheatre-Morrison, Denver Colarado,USA- Under A Bloody Red SkyLive At Red Rocks-N-Pro-VG+(VHS Transfer)
[1984-00-00]-U2-The Unforgettable Fire Collection-N-Pro-VG+(VHS Transfer)
[1987-10-09]-U2-The Carrier Dome-Syracuse, New York,USA-Joshua Tree TourLive From The Carrier Dome-N-Pro-VG
[1987-11-18]-U2-Memorial Coliseum-Los Angeles, USA- The Joshua Tree Tour Los Angeles-Y-Pro-VG+
[1989-09-22]-U2-Entertainment Center-Perth, Australia-Lovetown Tour Perth-Y-Am-G+
[1992-06-11]-U2-Dublin Showgrounds-Dublin, Ireland-Zoo TV Tour Zooropa Dublin-Y-Am(2Cam)-VG+
[1992-08-16]-U2-R.F.K Stadium-Washington,USA-Zoo TVLive From WashingtonAnd Now A Message From Our Sponsers-N-Pro-VG+
[1993-08-23]-U2-Dublin Showgrounds-Dublin, Ireland-Zoo TV Tour Zooropa Dublin-Y-Am(2Cam)-VG+
[1993-11-16]-U2-Football Park-Adelaide,Australia-Zoo TV Tour Tour Zoolaide
[1993-11-27]-U2-Sydney Cricket Ground-Sydney,Australia-Zoo TV Live From Sydney-N-Pro-VG+(Video Transfer)
[1997-12-03]-U2-Autodromo Hermanos Rodriquez-Mexico City, Mexico-Popmart Tour-N-Pro-VG+(Video Transfer)
[1998-02-11]-U2-Estadio National-Santiago, Chile-Popmart Tour Live From Sanitago BETACAM MASTER-Y-Pro-Ex-2 Dvds
[2000-00-00]-U2-Rattle And Hum Outtakes-Y-Pro-VG+-4 Dvds
[2000-12-05]-U2-Irving Plaza-New York, USA-Elevation Tour Gangs Of New York-Y-Pro-EX_
[2001-10-10]-U2-Joyce Center-Notre Dame, Indianna, USA-Elevation Tour South Bend Bonocam Pre Satellite Feed-Y-Pro-VG+
[2001-12-02]-U2-American Airlines Arena-Miami, Florida-Elevation Tour Live From Miami(2Cam)-VG+
[2000-00-00]-U2-Rattle And Hum Outtakes-Y-Pro-VG+-4 Dvds
[2005-04-01]-U2-Arrowhead Pond-Anaheim, USA-Vertigo Tour Live From Anaheim-Y-Am(3 Cams)-VG+
[2005-06-19]-U2-Twickenham Stadium(2nd Night)-London, England-Vertigo Tour Vertigo London-N-Am-VG_
[2005-06-24]-U2-Croke Park(1st Night)-Dublin, Ireland-Vertigo Tour Irish Lessons-N-Am-VG-
[2005-06-27]-U2-Croke Park(3rd Night)-Dublin, Ireland-Vertigo Tour This City's Heart-Y-Am-VG+-
[2005-06-28]-U2-Manchester Stadium-Manchester, England-Vertigo Tour ITV1 TV Broadcast U2 Uncovered-Y-Pro-Ex
[2005-07-02]-U2-Ernst Happel Stadion-Vienna,Austria-Vienna-Y-Am-VG_-2 Dvds
[2005-07-05]-U2-Slaski Stadium-Chorzkow,Poland-Vertigo Tour Winter Shade Of Red-Y-Am-VG_
[2005-07-07]-U2-Olympia Staion-Berlin, Germany-Berlin-Vertigo Tour Berlin-N-Am-VG_
[2005-07-16]-U2-Amsterdam Arena-Amsterdam, Netherlands-Vertigo Tour Amsterdam-N-Am-G+
[2005-07-27]-U2-Valle Hovin Stadion-Hovin-Oslo,Norway-Vertigo Tour City Of Broken Lemons-Y-Am(MultiCams)-VG
[2005-08-05]-U2-Parc des Sports Charles Ehrmann-Nice,France-Vertigo Tour Nice-Y-Am(Multicam)-VG
email me at onebloodonelife (at) hotmail (dot) com, I've got a couple coming in that you don't have on your list

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