Adam Clayton becomes a dad for the second time!

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Oct 15, 2009
Palm Beach, FL
Adam Clayton and wife Mariana de Carvalho have welcomed a baby girl.

The U2 bassist, 57, and his wife of four-years, 39, took out a personal advert in the Irish Times newspaper on Tuesday to share their happy news with the world. The notice simply read: 'Adam and Mariana Clayton are delighted to announce the birth of their beautiful baby girl Alba.'

Clayton's U2 bandmate Bono revealed the couple were having a child together when they brought their Joshua Tree Tour to Twickenham Stadium in London on July 8, telling the sold-out crowd that the pair were expecting a baby.

Adam and Brazilian Mariana married in a registry office in Dublin, Ireland, in 2013, holding a second ceremony days later on the French Riviera at the 14th-century château in Mandelieu-la-Napoule near Cannes.

Although she did work as a human rights lawyer, Mariana now works as a director at a leading contemporary art gallery, Michael Werner, in London and New York.

The notoriously private star welcomed his first child, a boy, with a unnamed French woman in 2010, making him the final member of U2 to become a father. Clayton was previously engaged to supermodel Naomi Campbell but had never married before meeting Mariana.

Referencing his bachelorhood during an interview with Q magazine in 2001, he said: 'I think one of the great things about bands is that they allow you to be irresponsible for longer - whether or not in the end that's a really healthy position to take.

'I guess I've been lucky in that I f***ed about until my mid-30s and now I can have more of a balanced outlook. I think not having a family and kids, I know what I need.' The musician recently thanked his bandmates of four decades for their unwavering support while he battled alcohol abuse in the 1990s. Clayton spoke in June while receiving an award at the annual MusiCares event in New York City, during which he praised Bono, The Edge and Larry Mullen for their assistance after he checked into rehab to overcome his demons.

He said: 'We have a pact with each other. In our band, no one will be a casualty. We all come home, or none of us come home. No one will be left behind. Thank you for honoring that promise, and letting me be in your band. 'I was lucky because I had three friends who could see what was going on and who loved me enough to take up the slack of my failing.

He added: 'Bono, The Edge, and Larry truly supported me before and after I entered recovery, and I am unreservedly grateful for their friendship, understanding and support.'


U2 star Adam Clayton becomes a father for the first time | Daily Mail Online

Apart from knowing that Bono already dropped the bomb on Adam's personal family life during the London show and the typical "Congratulations for the Baby! I am so happy for you two!", what are your thoughts on this?
I had always admired the fact that Adam remained a bachelor and childless throughout his life until his early 50's. I was kind of disappointed when he had his first child with the mystery mother back in 2010 and then subsequently got married and now has a daughter with his Brazilian wife.

The fact that he never disclosed the mother of the first child leaves a great deal of uncertainty undisclosed.
Generally I don't think it is ideal in the case of men to have kids past the age of 50.
Good for them, but wow 57!!!

remember my friend giving me shit about being so old when my youngest child was born... I was 31...

He had 3 kids by 25 so his viewpoint is skewed.
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