Anybody own custom painted guitars? Thoughts

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Oct 13, 2000
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I bought a splatter guitar off EBay a while back and have fun playing it.

I don't know what inspired me to get it except it "looked" different. Sort of looks like this actually.


After watching Cream's Final Show at the Royal Albert Hall DVD and seeing Clapton's famous Gibson "fool" guitar with the cupid character... (sort of looks like this- note the pic is actually a copy of the original and may not be accurate)


.... I'm sort of into getting a guitar that is custom painted or having something painted on a guitar. Actually I'm lusting after these type of guitars.

Clapton, has some really great looking custom jobs. This is one example. I might scan one or two others I saw later today


Anybody do the custom painting thing? Anybody interested in these things? I know from looking at some websites, something like custom painting might be a hassle, but the possible end result seems so stinking cool.
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They look extremely cool, I've always wanted a John Squire style design on my strat, so now I'm thinking why not.:wink:
Yea, he did that with most of his guitars if I'm not mistaken, the Jackson Pollock style flicks of paint.

Good pic.:wink:
I've never really liked custom painted guitars... I did see a Les Paul similar to this in one of the local shops, however, that was pretty cool:

I'm pretty tempted to go on EBay and buy a strat or something or gibson and get it done like Clapton. The hardest part would obviously finding cool design. I was looking online and saw a bunch of skull designs and junk... LOL talk about the suck! Maybe ask a friend to paint something!
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