3 Irishmen and a Dutchman Walk Into A Sphere - General Discussion Thread Part III

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the description on the video... such an amazing lack of self awareness

In this video, you don't see me on the General Admission floor after the show people losing their shit wanting to take photos as the maintenance crew is hurriedly sweeping around us. I'm trying to be polite, but I'm not going to say "do you really think Bono is going to come down from the stage, onto the floor and walk around by himself?" I don't talk like that, but sometimes have to tell people jokingly in such tone and manor. The madness didn't begin at the end of the show, but even during. I'm cool. I take photos with many people....if not as many as possible. Why not! Have a fun moment. Life is full of moments. Make good ones. People are going to say what they want when they share the photos they've taken of me. Most people are chill when they find out I'm not the real Bono, some feel like I've cheated them out or played some kind of mind trick. Others are indifferent. Odd to be indifferent. Perhaps they are my perceptions therein. My friends and I walked back to the Venetian and were accosted, in a good way, generally. Some people have no boundaries and grab at me or intentionally block my means of moving forward. I trudge forward and ask to allow my space. Some people don't register the request and I have to tell them with direct eye contact and a stern voice, "please move out of my way". Mostly males. People lose their shit, but by and large, most are respectful and endearing. Yet, not one of them asks themselves this question: "How is Bono walking by himself down the street without security, other U2 band members or an entourage of staff?" That answer is that it's not Bono. I could walk down the street without the wearing the identical sunglasses or any other identifiable and exact articles of clothing and accessories Bono was wearing that night at the show. I'm an artist performing. I have a story. I used my own phone to video what it's like being in public with a mass of idol worshipers doing exactly that; worshiping. No haters please. Bono's cool with me. I wanna be chill and tell stories. No harm done.

OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE PEOPLE MOBBED ME AND GOT IN MY WAY HOW COME THEY CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT THAT I'M NOT ACTUALLY BONO ya know i could just take the sunglasses off and not dress like him but i'm an artist BUT OH MY GOD I'M BEING ACOSTED WOAH IS ME the band hired me for one video so that they didn't have to send bono to south america so i think he's cool with it now BUT OH MY GOD HOW COULD THEY THINK I CHEATED THEM OUT OF SOME EXPERIENCE CAN'T THEY JUST BE COOL?
side note - it seems like all but confirmed that U2 will "play" Atomic City on the Grammys... but i wonder if they'll do two songs - whether that's adding Vertigo on to the end, or some selective editing and adding in a song with crazy visuals (Fly, WOWY, etc.).

song seems fairly short for a Grammy segment on its own.
I didn't know U2 hired him for a video, I'm quite sure that only increased his sense of self importance.

I wonder if the Venetian lets him stay there for free as some sort of prop (aganda).

I wouldn't ever go near the guy, no thanks.
So they think Bono is walking around before or after the show with no security?
According to U2Songs, they will be filming two shows later in February.
Guys, I realized yesterday that I really "should have" gone to last week's shows, 'cause that may have been my only chance at seeing the band in January. D'oh! /kidding, but kind of not
My reaction score is still 0 :(

Oh man this is cool you can see all the photos you have posted by looking in your profile, so many old memories

I didn't even know I had something in my signature either
Did Pavel show his little Pavel? What's the ewwww.

Did anyone mention maybe Pavel is just a Robin Williams impersonator not Bono?
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