2012 Presidential Debates

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Irvine511 said:
dude, the *moderator* just told you you were wrong.

i think these guys fucking hate each other, too.

That along with the clapping from the crowd was pretty classic.
I like that Romney brought up the cultural aspect of gun violence, but he went waaaaaaaay off topic. I was almost impressed.

well, the Aurora shooting is directly the result of gay marriage.

also, i'm beginning the countdown for the Fox News "blame the moderator" chorus ...
The moderator should not fact check a candidate on something where the statement may be factually incorrect but the point behind the statement is, indeed, correct. Overall the moderator should shut the hell up.

I am actually shocked that gun control has come up. I am less shocked that neither guy wants to just come out and say "I'm going to get the guns... period"
Romney has rerferred to Canada before concerning their 15% corporate tax.

OK, if Canada is the model, why not follow their Health Care System?
This bit on jobs not coming back and wanting high skill jobs here may have been the most out-of-touch thing I've heard Obama say.
"Governor, debunk the one most pervasive myth about you aka WHY AREN'T YOU A FLIP FLOPPING PIECE OF SHIT?"

"Well, I care about all Americans. Freedom! Jobs!"
Well they both mentioned social causes of gun violence , but why does Romney have to specifically mention Mom and Dad? It's odd. I didn't hear Obama specifically say that, maybe he did.

Neither answered the woman's question about assault weapons. The weapons will still be available regardless of Mom and Dad. Plenty of people with moms and dads have used them to kill and maim.
I think Candy Crowley is going to have a drink after this. Or a cigarette if she smokes.
Obama is going to end up with more speaking time again.

My guess is that Romney yields back some of his time. They he may have two minutes and only use a minute and a half. :shrug:
I more meant the idea that factory jobs are high skill high pay jobs.
that wasn't what i got out of what he said at all. i figured those were the jobs he said if push came to shove could stay overseas. he wanted to focus on getting the high-skill jobs back in america like research jobs. he didn't specifically say what else he considered high-skill but i hope to god he considers call centre jobs high skill (it isn't really but it does require a brain) because i'm so tired of dealing with people whose first languages are english yet don't know what i'm talking about when i call various companies.
Uh, are people passing around disposable kodak cameras??

Oh, nevermind. Is it a security thing?
no big clean win for Romney like last time

no big knock out from Obama, both sides will say they won

a very small net win for Romney,
no big clean win for Romney like last time

no big knock out from Obama, both sides will say they won

a very small net win for Romney,

I don't see this is a win for Romney.

A tie maybe. . .I felt it was more of an Obama win.
Romney was fucking terrible. Sorry, not even going to hide my bias here. He hardly strung together a full sentence that appealed to me, and his conduct was embarrassing. Anyone who would vote for Romney based on that debate should not be allowed to operate a writing utensil or touch screen to vote.
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