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The Fly
Dec 2, 2000
Alexandria, Va. USA
If you pay the postage, you may have any of the following 12-inch singles:

The Unforgettable Fire single from Australia, which has the alternate versions of "A Sort of Homecoming (live)" and "Love Comes Tumbling." It also has "Unforgetable Fire" misspelled on the back.

The Even Better Than the Real Thing single that has the Perfecto mixes on it: Pefecto, Sexy Dub, and Trance mix

The Lemon single that has the Perfecto mixes on it: Perfecto and Trance mixes.

The New Year's Day single that has the NYD long edit, "Treasure" and live versions of "Fire," "I Threw a Brick..." and "A Day Without Me."

The first and last one are probably worth it for the sleeve artwork alone.
Item #:799
Lemon (Perfecto Mix 8:56)
Lemon (Trance mix)
Catalog number: Island 12 LEM-DJ-2
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