(01-15-2003) U2 Ban Lola From Selling Off Presents - The Daily Record

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Jan 15 2003
Rick Fulton Exclusive

IT seems not everyone thinks Bono and U2 are the greatest band in the world.

While lead singer Bono presses politicians' flesh around the world in a bid to slash Third World debts, at home they are being accused of being big meanies.

Disgruntled Lola Cashman, the band's former stylist, has lambasted the group, Adam Clayton, Bono,The Edge and Larry Mullen, for their heartless behaviour after she tried to auction off some of the items that were given to her as gifts from some of the band members.

They were intended to be mementos of her time with the combo, but hard- up Lola tried to sell off the presents from Bono, Larry and the rest of the outfit through Christie's to try to clear off her financial commitments.

But she received a stern letter from U2's lawyers warning her not to proceed and Christie's were forced to take Lola's possessions off their sales lists.

But Lola is determined to continue her fight for the right to sell her U2 memorabilia.

And she is in talks with her own lawyers about how to proceed with her battle against the pop lords.

A music agent who has had dealings with Lola and U2, claimed: "Lola is outraged and extremely upset about the treatment she has received from the rock monsters she once considered as friends.

"But she is determined to continue with her bid to sell off her U2 gifts.

"One of the bits of apparel that Lola was given by U2 even said: `Love to Lola from Bono'.

"She was given the items - a hat, a bible, shoes and some other pieces of clothing as a gesture of goodwill from the band. So their actions come as a hard blow to her. They belong to her so she should be entitled to do what she wants with them."

Lola, who is also writing a book of unauthorised memoirs about her experiences with the band, entitled U2, Me Too, heard from U2's solicitors after returning from a well-earned break in Australia.

"The action seems particularly cruel, because Lola's U2 memorabilia would only have increased her bank balance by a few thousand pounds," says our source.

No one at U2's offices was available for comment.
of course she isn't. she is in the buisness to create news for herself. thats why she said all those horrible things. anyway it's all good between u2 and her now.

hey if lola wants to sell those pricless items then she should but u2 gave them to her. i'm sure it might hurt their feelings.
I don't think they can or should stop her from selling the staff. They gave the things to her as gifts so the staff now belongs to her so she should be able to do what she wants with it.
Damn, I'd hate to be famous. You have a dispute with someone over some freaking *make-up* or something, and OK, a few Euros are involved, but it's in the international press, all over the Internet.........geez. I am glad I'm a nobody library worker. :lol: :lol:
MBH said:

Could you please fill me in on what you're talking about here?


there was another article or something about Sinead accusing U2 of paying off Hot Press and thus behaving like some kind of Mafia in Ireland...in fact, someone in the co just gave them a loan. but they have a major rift, and she is one of the few to blatantly criticize them

i somehow think she is in the biz and and just might know something, but she has been doing all kinds of stunts that have attracted attention, the latest being to return to a quiet life raising children

and Bono did mention that U2 was "like" being in the Mafia in NY

my take on this is that don't people trade rock memorabilia on the internet all the time, anyway? they certainly are keeping track of their "souvenirs" i guess

she just doesn't know how dear a U2 sig is
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