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Doe anybody have this week's TIME?

I just saw it in the grocery store, it has several letters in response to the issue with Bono on the cover. I read some, most were Pro-Bono. I didn't buy it because there was only one line open and there were like tons of old folks with full baskets and I only wanted cat food and that mag. Well I gave the cat some human tuna and I'll get the mag tommorrow. If any of you already have it, please post the letters if you can. If anyone can get a link to them, that would be cool. Thanks.

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I don't have the magazine but here are a few letter to the editor from

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In the People section of the same issue of TIME, there is a picture of Bono with President Bush (the one in which Bono's making the peace sign while walking next to Bush) and a little item about it.
The title made me laugh: "Wasn't A TIME Cover Enough?"
The text starts off with a little history about Elvis Presley's visit to Pres. Nixon in 1970, then moves on to Bono:
"When BONO visited PRESIDENT BUSH last week, the U2 singer proved considerably more effective, and coherent. Bono lobbied Bush to increase money to fight AIDS in Africa and assist impoverished countries. Later that day Bush pledged $5 billion in foreign aid to poor nations that improve their records on human rights and create open markets. Bono later admitted proudly, "I'm not a cheap date."
No, sweetheart, you're priceless!!!
*hoping I don't get busted by the copyright police*
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Originally posted by Desire4Bono:
I read some, most were Pro-Bono. cool. Thanks. bono.

anyway, wanted to tell you desire4bono, that as I sat in a snowstorm in a traffic jam, my day suddenly got a little brighter when NPR played a little story on BONO!!

the story began with Pride playing, then Jesse Helms describing his first concert experiences, then Paul O'Neill talking about Bono, then other politicians discussing his impact, and how he is not a "celebrity activist" but just a good, old fashioned activist who really knows his stuff. Then some quotes from an interview Bono did somewhere (?) were played and they finished with the beginning of excellent segment.

Here is a synopsis from their site:
The "Bono Factor"
When rock star Bono talks about foreign aid, politicians listen. Even Sen. Jesse Helms has met with the U2 lead singer -- about poverty in Africa. And President Bush shared the stage with Bono last week when he announced an increase in aid to developing countries. NPR's Kathleen Schalch reports. (4:30)

and the link is:

I thought the girl in love with Bono might like this info!!

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Originally posted by Diane L:
Bono later admitted proudly, "I'm not a cheap date."

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we know....we know....


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