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The miracle of Glastonbury

Sharing some interesting facts I discovered since I was curious and you may all know this already, but I sure didn't.
Since I had never heard of it I researched what this Glastonbury thing was, and sure enough. St. Joseph performed a miracle there and the soil is considered sacred. So this new song is an instant favorite. Read the lyrics and then read the story of THE MIRACLE OF GLASTONBURY. It’s beautiful! Oh and Bono’s recovery has been nothing short of miraculous ….so he said in the RS article that just came out. No wonder these words spilled from his heart if he did indeed write after the injury! This has touched MY heart and as anyone struggling with health or other issues knows, gratitude induces healing! My favorite line is “MORNING, IT WAS HEAVEN SENT and MUSIC IS A SACRAMENT”

I love love love this song!! Share your thoughts...what do you guys think of the lyrics and meaning?


Thousands of visitors travel each year to Glastonbury, England to experience the miraculous powers of its sacred soil. They come to mend a broken marriage or broken heart. They come to solve their problems, recapture the joys of youth or a dream that has gone astray. They come to repair a shattered relationship or to ask for love, money, happiness.

According to legend, in 63 A.D. Saint Joseph stood before a crowd of disbelievers at Glastonbury praying for a miracle. As he struck his staff into the ground his prayer was answered--the staff immediately shot forth leaves and blossoms.

Since that time, spectacular miracles have occurred at Glastonbury. Today, people take a small sample of dirt from Glastonbury in the belief that it will:

Spark a resurgence in their lives and good fortune.

Bless them with good luck and good fortune.

Bring them a financial windfall.

Jesus at Glastonbury - During the 18 years in which there is no recorded history on the life of Christ, there is a theory that Jesus accompanied St. Joseph on his journey to Glastonbury.

The Holy Grail - After the crucifixion, St. Joseph collected the blood from the body of the crucified Crhist in the Holy Grail (the sacred cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper). When St. Joseph returned to Glastonbury, some say he buried the Holy Grail there.

Connection between Glastonbury, The Great Pyramid, and Stonehenge - The two thousand year old design on the cover of the famous Glastonbury Well forms the Vesica Piscis (the fish sign - symbol of Christ). Even more mysteriously, this symbol is also found at the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge.

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Good topic, interesting stuff.....are the lyrics to this song posted yet any where?

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Wonderful! Didn't know that!
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didn´t know that either, very interesting... thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for posting that Jeannico. I have heard about this legend before. The Joseph they refer to is Joseph of Arimethea. Who is believed to have been Jesus's uncle. I've never heard him referred to as a saint before. I will check some more sources. But I love the song too! Very beautiful lyrics.
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Glastonbury, England, Myths and Legends
Here's some info on the legends of Glastonbury

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