WOWY in the bin

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Dec 18, 2003
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
I was up late last night and saw a segment about Gavin Friday and his art, apparently WOWY was destined for the bin before Friday picked it up from the bin and rearranged a few things. could be an old story...I dunno, but it was o the segment.
thats almost as bad as Streets almost being deleted!
yeah, i tried to imagine a world without WTSHNN once - too horrible for words.
a very very tragic though not worth contemplating
Yeah but if you had never heard them you would never miss them, and you wouldn't know how good they were, and you wouldn't be having this conversation.
I really question this bands train of thought sometimes.
I guess it depends on what the song sounded like at the time they were considering dumping it. It could have been just not coming together, and it's potential for greatness was masked.
Wouldnt really surprise me, Brian Eno somehow likes to throw away good songs haha
If they would have binned WOWY, the Joshua Tree probably wouldn't have caught on as well, and U2 would not have had the staying power they have, and they would have been lost to obscurity, and today I might not be a fan.
You know Beautiful Day almost suffered a similar fate. Look at a story in the October 2000 issue of Q to find that after they recorded the song and Lanois had his first mixed they were very disappointed with it. At that point it was either going to be the first single or trashed. I'll have to find the article and post it.
If you watch the Classic albums DVD about the Joshua Tree, they tell the story about Streets almost being "erased."-- Eno was going to erase it on purpose, because they had been doing take after take, redoing track after track, obsessing over it-- he knew that the band knew the song frontwards and backwards, so he was going to tape over it, then the band would have to start over with a fresh take. So it's not like there was ever any danger of the song "vanishing"-- Eno just wanted a fresh start.
Actually, Long, I heard he wanted to delete it because he thought it was a weak track and didn't think it belonged on the album.

But this sort of thing does make you wonder what other potentially great songs have been 'binned.' If WOWY and Streets were ALMOST binned, and BD too, just think about the ones that were, that, maybe with a little more polishing, could have been right up there in the 'classics' section?

Makes ya' sad.

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