When Love Comes To Town..... Part 8

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Oct 3, 2002
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It was 8:30pm on a cold Tuesday nite when Claudia heard lite knocking on her door.As she sat on her couch with a blanket thrown over her legs ,and a good book in hand she look towards the door's direction wondering if she should open it or not.She wasnt expecting any visitors and she knew that it couldnt be Ben ,because #1 he had keys and #2, he called and said that his flight was coming in at 12:00pm the day after. She couldnt wait for him to come home as she had planned a romantic nite as a home -welcoming surprise party, the thoughts of what she had planned played around in her mind ,bringing lil smiles to her face. As she kept thinking about her ?'lil surprise party'? for her husband, the knocking increased. Rolling her eyes, she decided to see who it was, she threw the blanket off her and placed her book on the table.She slowly walked to the door, and peeped throu the hole. Seeing it was Zak alone ,or so she thought , she quickly opened it.

"Hey sis in law what the hell took u so long,"*He grabbed her and hugged her*

"Wasnt expecting company," *Claudia replied*

*Zak smiled evilly as he looked at her*

"Well u know I told u I would come visit u before Ben got back home didnt I,"?

*Claudia looked at him ,knowing he was up to something*

"Yea , I forgot about that," *She pulled him inside as she closed the door*

"No ,No wait.... Courtney is coming in with the rest of stuff," *Zak quickly replied*

*Claudia looked at him as she left the door semi - opened*

"Oh she's here too?"

Zak :-

"Yep and she brought along a friend, well it was my idea too,"

Claudia :-

"Who is it????? *She looked at Zak* u know I'm not in any mood for visitors tonite ,I already gotta get up early and be prepared for Ben's return."

*Zak looked back at her *

"It's just a lil dinner with friends , come on luv it would help u relax,"

*Claudia looked back at him*

"Alright," *she led him into the kitchen*

*10 mins after ,Claudia heard lite chatting in the living room*

"Hmmm sounds like Courtney and the mysterious friend," *she smiled as she walked out of the kitchen area chewing on a celery stick, Zak smiled as he looked at her*

"Courtney u could atleast called *she stopped as she looked at the person standing next to Courtney*

"Hey sis *Courtney replied as she kissed her on her cheek* hope u don't mind Larry joining us for dinner," *she went into the kitchen*

*Larry stood there with a bottle of wine in hand and flowers in the other*

"Ur not angry r u?"

Claudia :-

"No.... why, why would I be?"

"Well u know I thought that u might be in one of ur bad moods again," *Larry replied smiling*

*Claudia stood there looking at him*

"Don't be silly after all u came with flowers and looks like a very expensive wine , how could I be mad?"

*Larry looked at her ,then at his hands*

"Oh this is for u *he handed her the flowers ,then kissed her on her cheek* where..... where should I put this,"? *his voice crackling*

*Claudia smiled at him as she gently placed her hands on top of his*

"I'll take it ," *she looked at him ,staring at his eyes*

"Hmmmm no glasses broken, no black eyes? Looks like we're making progress," *Zak said as he came out of the kitchen*

*Claudia looked at him*

"I knew u were up to something," *she smiled at him* I'm gonna go check up on Courtney ,see if she needs any help *before she could move Zak stopped her* No, No ... u relax ,Courtney and I have everything under control ,besides most of it is take out, u sit and talk with Larry *he smiled* I'll go fix up something for the both of u to drink,"

*Claudia stood there looking at Zak*

"So.... *Larry said as he patted the space next to him* the couch is big enough for the two of us u know," *he smiled*

*Claudia looked at him*

"What is going on in those three heads of u all?" *She walked over to the couch*

*Larry looked at her*

"What u mean luv?"

"The three of u showing up ,they preparing dinner, what's going on?' *She looked at him smiling*

*Larry looked back at her*

"Oh well I saw Zak the other day with Courtney and we started talking and they told me about this lil dinner thing they were gonna have and asked me if I wanted to come, and I was hesistant at first ,but then I couldnt give up the opportunity in seeing u again ,prolly for the last time,"

*Claudia sat there looking at Larry*

"The last time?"

"Well Ben is coming back tomrrow isnt he? U'll be busy," *Larry replied*

"Larry that doesnt mean that u and I cant see or hang out, this is the beginning of a good friendship remember? Besides I'm thinking of inviting u and the rest of the band to a party I'm throwing for Ben, his birthday is Saturday and it would mean a lot to me if u know u guys would come, I mean u ,Bono ,Edge and Adam r practically buds with Zak, rnt u?"*Claudia looked at him*

*Larry answered back*

"Well yes....but...," *Claudia placed her finger on Larry's lips*

"But nothing ,ur coming and that's that, besides it's a way of saying thank u for performing for me I really loved it,"

*Larry smiled at her*

"Oh u loved that????? then u'd love the other performances too?"

*Claudia looked at him , not sure what he was on about*

"What u mean?"

*Larry laughed*

"The performances that I could give u personally,"

"Omg......u would do that ....for me?" *Claudia smiled*

*Larry looked at her*

"Ummmm yea, sure,"* knowing that they rnt on the same page*

*Claudia hugged him*

"Oh ur the best and I thought that I would have to wait in line for hrs just to see u on stage *she kept hugging him*u Mr .Mullen r a wonderful man, I'm gonna go see what's taking so long with the drinks,"*she looked at him then went into the kitchen*

*Larry sat there looking at a pic of Claudia and Ben*

"Yea.....a wonderful ,wonderful ... man -friend,"

*An hr later they sat around the table ,surrounded by various types of food, they ate until they could eat anymore ,and drank until they couldnt drink anymore.It was about 2pm when Courtney and Zak had decided to leave*

"So sis in law u had a good time didnt u?" *Zak asked as he got up from the couch*

*Claudia looked at him*

"Yea I did, dont know what I'll do without u guys,"

*Zak hugged her *

"Awwww u know u wouldnt survive ,listen ru sure u dont want us to stick around and help u clean up?"

Claudia :-

"No it's alright ,besides I'm not tired and it's unfair for u guys to do all the cooking and then do all the cleaning up, go home and get some rest,"

Courtney looked at her sister :-

"Alright call us whenever u get up tomrrow and let us know how things r going with Ben,"

Claudia :-

"I will *she hugged both Zak and Courtney*

*Zak looked at Larry*

"U coming with us?"

*Larry looked back at him*

"Ahh nah u guys go ahead, I'll help clean up ,then I'll call a cab, ty for inviting me ,I really had a good time,"

*Zak smiled at Larry*

"No problem, u guys behave and dont do anything me and Courtney might do," *he winked as he hled her hand and walked out*

*Claudia stood there laughing and waving as she watched them drive out, she closed the door and turned around and looked at Larry*

"U dont have to stay and help me clean u know,"

*Larry looked back at her smiling*

"It's alright, I'm not tired either,"

*Claudia stood there looking at him ,just admiring how cute and sweet he is , the way he's neatly dressed ,the way he smells, her heart going crazy*

"Wow.... it's getting a lil warm isnt it? *she fanned herself, the alcohol rushing throu her bloodstream*

*Larry looked at her*

"Prolly the expensive wine, where do u want me to start?"

*Claudia looked at him*


*Larry looked back at her*

"Cleaning? where do u want me to start cleaning?"

"Oh ....hmmmm can we sit for a while ,I'm not sure I could stand up and wash dishes right now," *she smiled as she walked over to the couch*

*Larry looked at her*

"Sure , r u sure ur feeling ok?"

*Claudia looked at him as she fanned herself some more*

"I'm fine , so .....how's ur friend/date? did she know u were coming here?"

*Larry looked at her*

"She's fine , and she's a friend she does whatever she wants and I do the same,what do u think Ben would do if he knew I was here with u right now,"?

*Claudia looked at him, her head feeling a lil dizzy*

"Maybe get paranoid ,act like a fool as if anything would ever happen btw us,"

*Larry looked at her*

"What if something did? not that I would want it to happen ,but u know..... what if in some mysterious way ,it did what would u do?"

*Claudia feeling kinda nervous around this topic*

"Larry we've know each other for what???like 3 weeks now? come on I dont think that we would go to that level just yet and besides we said to each other that all that could be btw us is friendship,"

"I know *Larry replied*but be honest with me ,dont u feel a lil bit attracted to me? Because I am too u ,u have this sweet smile ,this wonderful personality, u have this big loving heart, something that I've been looking for a long time,"

*Claudia looked at him wondering where this conversation was heading*

" Yea.... I am attracted to u ,but not to the point that I'd sleep with u and cheat on my husband,"

"I wouldnt want u to do that, I respect u alot u know that ,yea we've known each other for 3 weeks ,but I feel like I've known u forever,"

Claudia :-

"I know what u mean ,is like I feel I can talk to u about anything and u would understand ,with Ben is like talking to a freaking blank piece of paper,"

Larry :-

Why do u stay with him if u rnt happy?"

Claudia :-

"Because I love him ,this is crazy ,I love him so much that if I kiss u right now ,I would feel nothing , compared to how I feel when I kiss him,"

*Larry sat up as he leaned closer to her*

"Is that right?? U wanna test that? I've known to be a very good kisser?Here what ... if we kiss just as a test and u dont enjoy it as much as u enjoy ur kiss with ur hubby ,then I'll wash the dishes and mop the floor all u have to do is put the dishes away,"

*Claudia smiled at the idea*

"Alright .... but just as friends *they leaned in closer to each other and kissed, then pulled away from each other*

Claudia looked at him:-

"See..... nothing *she couldnt believe that she had just kissed Larry*

*Larry looked back at her, enjoying the kiss that they had shared wanting not to let go of her,*

"R u sure?"

*Claudia looked back at him*


*Larry looked at her for a few good mins then pulled her into a deep long passionate kiss this time*

*Claudia looked at him ,not exactly sure what happened ,what she wanted to do, all she knew was that she wanted him to kiss her again, but she knew she couldnt*

"I proved u wrong.....didnt I," *Larry said as he looked at her smiling*

"I...I guess u did...., ummm maybe we should go clean ,it's getting late," *Claudia got up and started walking into the kitchen*

*Larry sat there for a few mins looking at her ,then followed her*

*Alright ladies ,lemme know what u think!*
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