US Politics XXXIV: Biden Against the Manchine (Live at the Sinema)

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I just love the complete lack of consistency from the right on their whole "My body, my choice!" argument that they were more than happy to trot out when throwing their temper tantrums over masks and vaccines. Almost like that wasn't really the issue at hand during those protests, or something... Huh. Who'da thunk?

Fuck the GOP. Fuck every last one of them.
How else can we bring child labor-slavery back if we don’t start mass production of babies ??

Also my takeaway.

These people vote. They are a motivated bunch of crazies that show up at the polls. It is fun and maybe necessary to ridicule their insane POVs but we won’t be laughing if we don’t beat them. Show up, folks.

The Dems have an opening to smash republicans over the abortion SC ruling that will eventually happen

But only the Dems would spend more time with stupid bickering over messaging that could possibly hinder any chance to get womens rights back.

I personally don’t see how pro choice is worse than pro abortion. Or saying decision over choice because BLM influenced Planned Parenthood to state racial inequalities don’t allow black women to choose

But how does decision make any more sense in this case ? They’re not wrong there’s more obstacles in the way, but bickering over language will alienate the people you need support from
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