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Well... you can have a laugh at this one. I will be on page 10 of the Toronto Sun tomorrow. Here is the vid they shot at 4pm today....
Melanie Fish gets credit for the video. My wife laughed at the part where I sing "I....will be with you again.....". No... I'm not cray cray...

U2 fan on stage in Montreal : Featured OTT : Videos
Just watching the doc now,really enjoying it. Glad you finally got on stage Mark. Cant wait to read your write up on it?
U2 Brother on stage again last night playing BASS! I was watching through one of the periscopes that was on before the start of the show. This person was filming from the stands looking at the floor and I immediately spotted U2 brother and his mirror ball hat.
By conincidence I was watching the video of that lady mouthing off at the NY MSG concert and you were onstage and said your name was U2BROTHER and then I came on here and saw a user called U2BROTHR on an old post.

Just saw your movie.

I think you've been onstage 3 times now then - once with your band.

Did you get on the second time because Bono recognised you from the first time?
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