U2 songs for different moods

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PopTart Pamela

Jul 9, 2001
Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia
For example, when u feel lika blast
Zoo Station, Desire, The Fly and Discotheque

For a more contemplative mood
Unforgetable Fire, ASort of Homecoming, Heartland

In sickness
I usually become obsessed with Rattle and Hum - dose myself up, then watch or listen - Pam becomes obsessed!

In difficult times
Walk On, Stuck. ISHFWILF, and Beautiful Day - last 2 very uplifting

anyway u get the idea. These are the ones I tend to play - there are plenty more moods and songs - have your say

When I feel like dancing... POP, especially Do You Feel Loved

When I'm angry... Achtung Baby, especially Zoo Station

When I'm sad... The Unforgettable Fire, especially A Sort of Homecoming and Promenade

When I'm sleppy... Zooropa, especially Dirty Day

When I feel like singing along... Mysterious Ways, Pride, Lemon, Elevation
To get me pumped:
A Celebration
Big Girls Are Best
Beautiful Day

To git it awwwwwwn:
All I Want Is You
Until the End of the World
Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

To wallow in self-pity:
So Cruel
In a Little While
Staring at the Sun
All I Want Is You (multi-purpose!)

Just some examples, I guess.

when i feel romantic, "i want it that way" by bsb. what i'm i saying!!!!!!
well there are plenty that relax and inspire...

but one that sometimes I just gave to play, I can't even name the mood that creates the urge, but for some reason putting on God Part11 and singing along loudly, very loudly plus a bit of foot-stomping really helps. (PS I'm not mad, this doesn't happen very often:))

lmao@ "Pam becomes obsessed"
U2...in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer....I just love 'em2.

quick Archie song pamela....
"Now it's cold on this blue mountain
and the hills have a deeper hue......
The wild blue gums were blooming
when we danced upon the hill
And you have never left me
For they are blooming still.......":) Stay warm
Thanks everyone for your moods and songs, and a special thanks to Cass for the Archie song - so beautiful - living in the Blue Mountains just made it better! Love the "for richer, for poorer"

Love singing and dancing to Zoo Station, All Along the Watchtower and ISHFWILF - also ZooStation just great for air drumming! - no Im not mad either, hopefully!

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