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Jul 30, 2009
These are a great deal of items that I collected in the early 80’s when U2 were first becoming popular. It was truly a passion for me and have recently decided to part with the items below. From my experience, most of the items I would say are in near mint to mint condition with some exceptions with the bootlegs because some were used when I purchased them. I have pictures of everything posted and will gladly send for whatever items you are interested in. Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

I live in California and will ship anywhere in the world. We can work out shipping charges depending on the items you want.

If you are interested in buying everything please email me and we can discuss details.

The Unforgettable Fire - Gatefold double pack in picture sleeve. B-sides are labeled on cover and labels as "Out-Take"s. Island UK ISD220 $25.00

NME Sampler - Free with UK NME magazine May, 1985, inc. Wire "Dub Mix". No picture sleeve. NME 7-inch UK GIV 1B $15.00

Two Hearts Beat as One - Double pack in picture sleeve Island UK ISD 109 $20.00

Fire - Double 7" pack Island UK UWIP6679 $35.00

Two Hearts Beat As One - 2 sided single with same song on both sides /in picture sleeve saying “Endless Deep” is on back but label says differently US Promo 7-99861 US Promo 7-99861 $30.00

Pride - Picture sleeve Ricordi Italy IS202 $50.00

Pride - Limited edition picture disc Island UK ISP202 $35.00

The Unforgetable Demos 7" (Vol. 1 - yellow vinyl) Garageland 002 $25.00
The Unforgetable Demos 7" (Vol. 2 - red vinyl) Garageland 003 $25.00

Fire / J. Swallow / 11 ' O'Clock / The Ocean Island 600.417 $15.00

Sunday Bloody Sunday + Special US Remixes Island 600 820 $15.00

Two Hearts Beat As One (Club Version) + Special US Remixes (Red Boy Sleeve)
Island 12 IS 109 $12.00

Two Hearts Beat As One (Club Version) + Special US Remixes (Plain Sleeve)
Island 12 IS 109 $12.00

New Year's Day b/w Two Heats Beat As One Island 814 948-1 $35.00

New Year's Day (Long) / Treasure + Fire / I Threw / A Day w/o Me
Island 600.741 $10.00

I Will Follow (promo) Island PR 582 $65.00

UK British Interview Picture Disc #2881 Red Door $15.00

The Unforgettable Fire b/w A Sort of Homecoming - U2 shaped pic disc ISP 220B $35.00

The Unforgettable Fire - 3 Sunrises / Unforgettable Fire b/w A Sort.. / Love Comes / Bass Trap Island 12 IS 220 $20.00

Pride b/w Boomerang 1 (instr.) / Boomerang 2 / 4th of July - White Cover Island
12 IS 202 $22.00

Clannad w/ Bono - In a Lifetime - color cover with Bono RCA PT 40536 $12.00

Live Imports
Introduction ('84/'85) Amazing Kornyphone Record Label $25.00

Dubliners (outtakes & demos '80-'84) The Anonymous Label TAL 6302 $20.00

Another Time, Another Place (London '81) WSR Records Q9021 $25.00

From US to U (London '82 / Philly '83) - 2 LPs $35.00

Love The Rain (Milton Keynes 6/24/85) - 2 LPs Duck Production $35.00

The Longest Day (Milton Keynes 6/22/85) - 2 LPs BO-1 $25.00

Odds & Demos ('78-'83) Taping Brothers $30.00

The Strength of the Youth (Belgium '82) $20.00

Portfolio - Official Songbook 1985 Blue Mountain Music $45.00
Stories For Boys 1985 Proteus Books - Spain 0-86276-315-0 $25.00

Button collection (approx 75 buttons) $110.00

12 Photo's (Calendar size) commemorating '85 Tour 1985 $25.00

War flag - Official - 17" x 11" flag attached to 31" long wooden stick. $25.00

Here are a few more items that I have not yet decided on pricing as of yet but let me know if you are interested.

A Day Without Me (picture sleeve - not re-issue) - has punch out insert - appears to be early pressing Island WIP 6630

Odds & Demos ('78-'83) - Picture Disc -VERY RARE!

Tour Programmes
Unforgettable Fire Fall Tour '84

Joshua Tree Fall '87

Propaganda Magazines - Issues #1-7

Original Magazines
U2 On Cover
Time 4/27/1987
Rolling Stone 5/7/1987
Rolling Stone 3/14/1985
Rock Express May June 1987
Musician Jan. 1985
International Musician and Recording World Dec. 1984
U2 Collector's Guide 1985
Guitar Player (Edge) Jun-85

U2 Featured in Magazine
Star Parade Autumn 1985
Star Hits Jul-85
Spin May-84
Creem Sept. 1983
DJ - I may be interested in the the Time & 85/87 Rolling Stones mags. I'll have to check when I get home what covers I'm still missing. I can let you know by tomorrow evening.
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