U2.com's latest subscription "gift"

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Hopefully these start hitting the east coast soon, if it doesn't come by Wednesday then it will be sitting in my lobby or, worse, outside my apartment door to be seen by everyone entering my building, for up to a week.
Mines being delivered to my work in the uk so I've only got till Friday to receive it before xmas. Think it will come after xmas myself
Last day at work before the xmas break, leaving in 30 minutes and what does the postman bring :) my u2.com gift. Merry xmas. Shipping in the uk
Still waiting, but I imagine they had to ship out thousands of these things so it could take awhile.
I'm secretly hoping mine gets sent out despite the fact that I cancelled my membership and got a refund already. One way to have the last laugh on these idiots.
Still nothing here in California but I really feel like this is going to be the week I get it for some reason.
Or maybe not. Guess there is still Friday and Saturday for this week.
I was a little worried because there was a rash of parcel thefts just before Christmas in our neighbourhood but all is good
It would be nice if next years gift is the complete U2 at the BBC performance on vinyl with digital download....just sayin
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