U2 At Their Finest Hour: Beautiful, Passionate : Pictures That Move The SOUL, MSG.

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Apr 15, 2001
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Wow. An amazing concert, of course the best I've ever seen. Nothing like it. Here is a present from me to you, beautiful pictures that could hold 10,000 words each. Thank you U2. Be patient. These pictures are worth the wait. I took them and it took a while to get them on here. Enjoy:


Beautiful Day: Amazing Energy, great performance. Bono took his glasses off soon after...


Still during BD, at the end, typical of Bono to do this
Very cool.


Adam wandering off into space. He smiled a lot during the show, and he looks real cool here!


Bono! So close...I almost touched him here. I believe this was during bad, and he was just so emotional...No words for this.


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Streets: How PERFECT is this picture? The screen about to break into light, the lighting amazing, crowd is crazy and Bono singing with emotion. Best U2 pic I have ever seen, taken by me


Still during Streets. Perfection once again...look at that light. Wow.


Still during STREETS, and another masterpiece. The yellow lights, some red and Bono singing with passion!


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, he's awesome.
Thanks for sharing those baker, they're great. What kind of camera did you use? Did you have any problem getting it in the arena?


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Amazing...their faces say it all.


We'll never forget...ONE...


In tears of Joy..I leave you with this picture. One of U2's best concert ever, my best ever, everything was perfect. No more words. The pictures do the talking. Thank you U2. Thank you FDNY, EMS, NYPD. Thank you God.

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I am glad you liked them. The quality went down a little on this site, so if anyone wants one for a backround, email me to get perfect quality. If anyone wants a CD with all pics on it, email me too. I took 150 pictures total. What a concert.

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Baker those are SO AWESOME!! Beautiful, amazing, butt kicking, totally gorgeous!! Great!! You must have had such a fantastic experience! LOVE your pics, thanks for posting them!
WOW!!! These are spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


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Your welcome, guys/gals. Show them to people you know
. Like 02, my camera was a digital camera, mid-size. I never hid it and no one ever cared. They saw it and din't care. I think cameras are allowed, I mean everyone who had authority at MSg saw it. Look what I got out of it, beautiful pics
baker, I?m speechless! Beautiful pics

Thanks for sharing.

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I would agree that the Streets pictures (especially the first one) are truly among the most spectacular concert photos I've ever seen.
Check out Bono's guitar. It says "the Goal is Soul" on it. That's pretty damn cool

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Maaaaaan!!!! Those pictures are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Good job, Baker! Thanks for sharing! I'll be emailing ya!

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WOW! Those are INCREDIBLE pictures, amazing quality...

Thanks a lot for sharing them with us.

My favorites: the one with you almost touching Bono, the first of Streets, the last of Streets, and the One (with the names scrolling down the screen).

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Thanks for those photos! We were in the back of the heart with the glowsticks that Bono noticed during I Will Follow. Anyways, it was a great show and I'll try to post my pics when I get them. They may not be as good as these but one can hope. Thanks again!

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WOW!!!! Amazing baker!! *thumbs up*

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Thank you people! Here are some more for your viewing pleasure...amazing.


The flag made by the fan says "Their lives are bigger than any big idea".

This next one is a very large picture but it captures something, I think it's during Kite. It's very big, but I like it a lot.


There ya go. U2 rules.
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