U2 Albums Tournament Round One: Part TWO

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Which is the better album?

  • (6) The Unforgettable Fire

    Votes: 33 97.1%
  • (7) Under A Blood Red Sky

    Votes: 1 2.9%

  • Total voters


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Jul 12, 2002
First of all, there were some who thought my ranking of the albums by sales figures was a bit off, so I've posted another thread that deals with the album sales figures in this discussion area.

The second part of the first round is The Unforgettable Fire vs. Under A Blood Red Sky. So, which will it be? The slick sounding studio album or the lively live album?

Simply put, this is a 12 album NCAA style bracket tournament to find out which U2 Album is the best. Albums were given rankings in advance based on number of copies sold, with the one exception being ATYCLB, which was given a higher ranking due to its popularity among fans.

Here's the bracket (by the way, I swapped Zooropa and The B-Sides because Zooropa actually reached the two million mark before The B-Sides):

(1) The Joshua Tree
vs. -------------------------------W=The Joshua Tree
(12) Pop

(6) The Unforgettable Fire
(7) Under A Blood Red Sky

(2) Achtung Baby
(11) Boy

(5) War
(8) Zooropa


(3) All That You Can't Leave Behind
(10) October

(4) Rattle and Hum
(9) The B-Sides (1980-1990)
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I would say UF...

Hmmm...Would you really consider UABRS an album? I mean, it's not a studio album in the traditional sense...I don't know. I mean, if it's not an album, what is it? :confused:
It's an album. It's a live album though and not a studio record. The hard part comes when you try to say what kind of an album Rattle and Hum is..........

As for this poll, I voted for The Unforgettable Fire. It's my favorite album after the big three. My favorite tracks are Pride, Bad, The Unforgettable Fire and A Sort of Homecoming.
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