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Personal Jesus

Jan 29, 2001
Leland, IL USA
Why don't we Just cut it down to a General, Concert, and Off Topic forums.

why have 20 of them?
Tired of having everyone get griped at about stuff like this.

If we only had 3 or 4 it would be easier.
some thoughts.

(this belongs in the "I touch you" forum, sorry.)

"Mean old men
Took away my car
Those credit guys
Have got the power"
-Lady with the spinning head
But the higher number of forums certainly does make it easier to look things up you really wanna know (especially the low-traffic ones)

Vorsprung durch Technik
oh shut up, it's not whining--it's the truth... 20 forums is way too much to keep track of regularly. Maybe it's not a huge effort to go to all of them at different times, but it would be way less work if there were 3 or 4 forums, and besides, with the small amount of traffic most of the other forums receive there's little reason to have 20 of them.
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