Those wacky Romanians are at it again!

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Mar 13, 2001
From here.

A Romanian man had his testicles ripped off by his wife after she accused him of having an affair.

Fifty-year-old Aurica Marinescu from Constanta managed to call an ambulance before he passed out.

Doctors at a local hospital managed to re-attach his scrotum after a ten hour operation.

But despite his injuries, Marinescu says he won't press charges against his wife, according to the local daily Libertatea.

He said: "We were at home when we started to fight over a so-called relationship I had with another woman. She got so angry that she grabbed my scrotum and ripped it off.

"I wouldn't have said she was a strong woman but

she was furious and she seemed to have superhuman strength in her anger.

The pain was incredible."

Any word on whether or not they happy couple are still together?
You go girl!! :up:

I just love these threads.
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