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Jun 7, 2002
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Alright - suppose you have a big budget from a studio and YOU get to produce a U2 movie - one of those career retrospective type movies.

Lay it all out for us - cast, soundtrack, title, etc.

Let's hear yours - I'll reply shortly with mine...
I know everyone is going to start listing a bunch of their favorite actors for this, most of them not looking a thing like the band members or too old to play them young, so I will just say I would honestly go with unknowns, maybe even in some sort of Ireland-wide talent search. Yes, I think they should be Irish. You might need to get two groups of actors, one to play them from the teen years to UF, and a second group to play them from JT on. Oh, the poor Bono one, all the different hairdos he'd have to have! Maybe he can use a bald wig for Pop LOL. I think attention to detail on the 'looks' and clothes should be very important. The soundtrack would be too extensive to list.

I would LOVE to write the screenplay and have actually thought about what I'd say. I would start it off with Larry playing in the Post Office band, and come home complaining he wanted to be in a band with boys his own age. His father could tell him to post the note at school. I would get into a little character development on each teenage boy and his family. I would show Paul McGuiness and his frustration none of his bands amounted to anything, and his idea of a 'baby' band early in the show, though he wouldn't meet them for 2 years, just to lay his storyline.

I would cover all of the ups and downs of their careers, and some of their personal lives, but nothing too nosy or hurtful to them. For example, the story of Bono's mother collapsing at her father's funeral after he had collapsed at his 50th anniversary party would be very dramatic, bone chilling and truth stranger than fiction, and then you could play in the songs like Out of Control and Tommorrow, but I wouldn't want to do that if it would hurt Bono. I'm sure most of the basic facts of their lives must be mentioned, but tactfully. I would do the same for all the parts of their career.

I would end it with the triumphant Elevation tour- unless they have an even more trimphant one before the movie is made!
PS I must mention that I would never do this unless it were authorized and approved by all the band members and they worked as consultants. I wouldn't want them to hate it or go around mad and calling it inaccurate or anything. I love the guys too much for that.

script : Bill Flanagans "U2 At The End Of The World" (the best parts of it)

director : Wim Wenders (a buddy of bono / director of "The Million Dollar Hotel") I know that most of you knew that before.


Bono plays Bono
I think that he is a quiet good actor.;)

Ewan McGregor plays Larry

Viggo Mortensen plays The Edge (Aragorn in "The Lord Of The Rings")

I`m not sure about Adam.:huh:
Maybe later.
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Alright - here's my idea


Bono: Sean Penn. Great actor and definitely resembles the young Bono. Not sure if he can sing, but it would be cool if he could.

Edge: John Cusack. Another good actor who could easily resemble Mr The Edge. He's also a huge music buff and fan and would lend bigtime integrity.

Larry: Seattle-born actor Joel McHale. He's a good actor and actually looks a fair amount like Larry. Here's a pic:
Jude Law could also make a good Larry.

Adam: Me. I can make myself look like Adam and I am a pretty good actor myself - seriously. I can do what I want, I am the producer.

Paul: Russell Crowe. I seriously think he's be good for the part!

Movie Title: Into the Heart
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As I said in my first post, people were going to start naming off favorite famous actors who look nothing like the band members and are much too old to play them young. Okay I've never seen you, but the rest just don't seem right at all to me. They look nothing like them and are mostly too old to play them young. Hell, Sean Penn is older than Bono is NOW! Russell Crowe as Paul McGuiness? What, shave the top of his head and stuff his cheeks and belly with pillows? :laugh: Why not give some heavy, balding actor the roll of his life and save Russel for glamor parts? But since it's all just for fun, no harm done of course.
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I actually think Sean Penn could pass for Bono fairly well - and on top of that, he's an excellent actor.


Same goes for John Cusack as the Edge.

If you haven't seen "The Insider", I suggest you do. For one, it's a great movie and secondly, it demonstrates Russel Crowe's range. He plays a 45-ish, chubby tobacco company scientist. He's very good.

I picked my actors for a reason - I'm not just pulling a PLEBA
I'd go with a documentary approach.

Cast the band itself, and mix the story with lots of live shows footage.
I would have Larry playing Larry in the movie and get his twin this really good looking waiter in it as well :drool: and Id just make them run about and poke them with a stick or something......quality movie :up:

but seriously :| I think u2 girls idea is very good- gotta love live footage!
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