The Harper's Letter and Cancel Culture

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Is it because you disagree with them or because you think they are poor writers?

The latter. And because they are both racists. Stephens’ “the disease of the Arab mind” comes to mind. Or his mention of “the thuggish elements” of BLM. Or his dishonest and poorly informed writing about climate change.

And because they are both deeply deeply hypocritical in their anti-cancel culture stance. Weiss launched campaigns against Palestinian professors at Columbia trying to get them fired (the irony). Stephens regularly “calls the manager” when someone criticizes him.
Do they?

Is an ad hominem dismissal really a good argument to present here, especially given what we’re talking about?

Seems you’re doing exactly what they are accusing the cancel culture warriors of doing.

I think it's fair on this occasion - Weiss has no leg to stand on here.

Co-sign. I've come close to cancelling my NYT subscription because if Weiss and Stephens (and Brooks).

Whilst it doesn't rank high on offensiveness, Weiss' article from last year on Australia was incredibly bad. She's not even a particularly good writer or thinker.
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