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Aug 31, 2004
Pretty good band, by my estimation. I'm relatively new to their music. Whilst perusing Pitchfork, hoping to uncover some information regarding Can's landmark Liechtenstein gig (recorded with a speak & spell on January 11th, 1979), I came across their Most Overrated Populist Schmuck Bands list. In the #1 slot was Bon Jovi, but placed at a deliciously ironic #62 was The Beatles (I had never actually heard anything by them at that point, as I had my head so far up my indietastic posterior that commercialism of any kind could not reach my ears; Pitchfork claimed it was ironic, and I accepted this as gospel, as is required). I found the name to be particularly obtuse, but my interest was piqued by the postmodern industrial polyrhythms of "Revolution #9". As it turns out, I was just hearing a truck backing up. However, the actual track turned out to be only a small step down in quality.

I sauntered over to my local Starbucks and discussed my findings with Stephen, a goatee-wearing entrepreneur who claimed to have been in a school play with Connor Oberst in 1984, which gave him just enough street cred that he should be respected, but not so much that he shouldn't be approached by mortals such as myself. After purchasing a bag of Decaf Caffe Verona grounds and a paperback copy of The Kite Runner, he recommended that I purchase a copy of The White Album at a local music establishment which was, coincidentally, owned by the man as well.

Following a mugging in the streets, I still had enough Euro to barter with, as those fools only made off with the $20 I had in the front pocket of my skinny jeans. They will regret their shortsightedness in the coming years! I was amazed by the superb selection of this local indie record shop; they carried a total of three Beatles albums, one of which was, to my detached amusement, a used vinyl copy of The White Album. Parting with the equivalent of 48 American dollars, I waved my friend Stephen farewell, who had helped me out so much that day, asking for nothing in return.

Arriving at my loft, I placed the onyx-tinted wax onto the turntable, and dropped the needle down with the greatest of care. My ears were greeted by the derivative Brian Wilson-aping of "Back In The USSR". However, said aping was done with the greatest of irony and postmodern sensibility, so I deemed it a classic for the ages. "Wild Honey Pie" was no less brilliant, pairing inspired lyricism with vaudeville joviality to create a masterful composition.

I look forward to discovering more about this group. Their insight on the common man and the lives of raccoons is nothing short of superlative.

Dear LMP,


Anybody remember the Beatles?! :love: They were one of the coolest bands when I was growing up and they had some huge hits!!! :sexywink: Take a trip down this memory lane!

YouTube - The Beatles -- Help!


YouTube - Hey Jude


YouTube - The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever (colour)

Totally unreal!! Anyone else remember this awesome band? :rockon:

Wow! I hadn't seen that last one! It's pretty cool!

They didn't get good till the acid, man.

The best period of music was 1961-1965! If you disagree with me, you're an asshole. :cute:
Favorite band of all time by a country mile. The sheer brilliance of Revolution 9 has yet to be equaled, and likely never will.
The best period of music was 1961-1965! If you disagree with me, you're an asshole. :cute:

Gladly :happy:

Hate all the real early stuff, didn't have a good song until Hard Day's Night came out and that's still not great, got better with Help, by Rubber Soul and REvolver they were pretty good, best work is 67-70.

Don't like how it's a sin not to like them either.

Lemel, White Album is a barrel of fun, check out Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me and My Monkey, it's a hoot. Rocky Raccoon also a great track.

Wild Honey Pie, however, is the biggest load of garbage my ears have ever been subjected to. Further proof that the Beatles could do anything they wanted and still be worshipped.
Hate all the real early stuff, didn't have a good song until Hard Day's Night.

Bollocks man.......what about the harmonies and the sheer joy of some of the songs. The Beatles circa 67-70 most probably would have drifted under the radar had they not had the astronomical commercial success the achieved with deservedly smash hit singles like Love Me Do, She Loves You, From Me To You, Please Please Me.....

There are also some unheralded beauties from this period too....Every Little Thing, In Spite Of All The Danger, I'm Happy Just To Dance With You, Yes It Is.....

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