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Nov 6, 2000
Mix 98.5 is an Adult Top 40 station in Boston. They started playing "Stuck" about a week ago.

Their e-mail is mixmail@mix985.com. If you can, please e-mail them. Ask them to play Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of.

I've called them to request it. I'll see if they have an 800 number. I'll also try and get other info. (e-mail, numbers) from the other stations in this area.

I think we all want to hear Stuck on the radio! Thanks.
Star 98.7 in LA just added stuck to the playlist. PLEASE send them requests. They are a very influential adult top 40 station in the U.S.
email - NicoleVenturi@ClearChannel.com
or call - 800-star-987.

Here are a couple ones that I have http://www.wlrw.com/contactus.asp - go there for an request form to fill out.

Also In Seattle - 103.7 the mountain, look to be HUGE U2 fans. They have been playing Elevation right but I think it's time Stuck took over. You can do either of these emails, or both!

also in seattle - Star 101.5 is adult contempory, and you can email them at alisa@fisherradio.com

that one is an adult top 40 and top 40 combined station.

Kansas City - http://www.965thebuzz.com/contactus.asp

Thanks everyone

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Hey everyone. I hope everyone is able to call their local radio station and request "Stuck." It's fun and it might help the song get played more.

Womanfish- I've e-mailed Star 98.7 at the e-mail address you gave. I asked them to play "Stuck." I've also e-mailed and called mix 98.5 in Boston at the numbers/address I gave.

Try calling Adult top 40, top 40, and modern rock stations and request Stuck. They play it often on the modern rock station where I am.

We actually know for sure that Stuck IS a single that has actually been RELEASED here in the U.S. So please call and request it everyone! Thanks!
good work. thanks for your help. I am requesting every day to different stations. It takes about 5 minutes to send an email to five or ten places. Keep up the requests. My friend said they just heard it on the radio here in Oregon, but I haven't yet.
YIKES, check this OUT!!! For the second week in a row hitsdailydouble reports that Stuck is "feeling a lot of top 40 love!!!"

That means for the last two weeks they are in the top few most added songs. We have to keep the requests up and going. Any requests that you can send anywhere helps!

thanks everyone!
Another e-mail: erinomalley@mix985.com. This is for Mix 98.5 again here in Boston.

Everyone, please send an e-mail requesting Stuck. Other songs become more popular because people request them. The new one by Nelly Furtado, Turn Out the Lights, is on all the time here.
And they always say that tons of people are requesting it. Which is why they;re playing it so much. It Wouldn't be played as much if the requests weren't coming in.

Let's get Stuck on the radio!
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