Stomp box rackmounting (BOSS SCC-700?)

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The Fly
Jun 17, 2006
Well I've always thought the idea of being able to rackmount stompboxes and order them like the BOSS SCC-700 did was brilliant, and I was wondering if anyone knows of another unit like the SCC-700 which is still being made? Thanks...
I use a GCX audio switcher, which has 8 loops, in which you can hook up rack effects or pedals. With a Ground Control Pro I can select which loops to use and in doing so I can select which pedals to use. Both the GCX and the Ground Control Pro are from Voodoolabs. They're a combined system. The GCP can control up to 8 midi controllable effects and 4 GCX switchers. Which means a lot of pedals. Personally I plan to ultimately have 3 GCX switchers in my rig.

Rocktron has (or had) the Patchmate, of which the GCX may be a copy. There is also the GigRig. And an expensive as shit unit with 16 programmable loops, all true bypass, which you can re-arrange as you see fit. :drool: I can't remember the name or the site but it's lurvy. It also costs around €2000.
Also high end but maybe not as much is Custom Audio Electronics, which does the rigs of pro musicians. Edge used their gear until he switched over to Skrydstrup for the Vertigo tour.
I use a switchblade made by sound sculpture. 16 ins 16 outs. You can connect anything to anything else in any order you like. And then completely change it on the next preset and even morph two presets with an expression pedal.

Not cheap though. But it makes everything else I own much more useful. There is NO other unit before or since that can do what this will do. To duplicate it you'd need a switcher, router, and a mixer and still wouldn't be able to change effect order as easily.

Still in production and I've never seen one on Ebay. I guess the people who have them don't sell them.
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