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Aug 16, 2002
the killerwhaletank
Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Best. Guitarist. Ever.

Go listen to Texas Flood if you don't believe me.

Ohh to play like SRV... :drool:
** agrees**
don't get me started ....... I have Stevie Ray stories:blahblah:
We have one of his concert performances on video, I absolutely adore it...wish I was there
My dad got to interview him over the phone once, which was an honor for him, 'cause he loves Stevie's music. :). Said that he was a really cool, really nice, humble guy.

I can't really say I disagree with him being one of the guitar greats. He certainly proved it.

When SRV died, my dad actually cried. He saw him in concert not even a month earlier. That's the only time I ever saw my dad cry.
it's sad he died, and technically he was a great guitar player. But I don't really dig his bastardized blues sound with the southern rock thing going on. Blues is not about flaming electric guitars.

that being said, I have lots of respect for the man as a guitarist. I have a greatest hits album and I used to listen to it regularily
My roommate bought one of his concert DVD's, I havent seen it yet.

I saw him perform on some old rebroadcast of a concert series on PBS a year or so ago. It was really cool.
I loved in Austin City Limits (the later performance I think). He's ripping into the solo for Voodoo Chile and all of a sudden his B string snaps...he completely transposes the solo onto the E and G strings as a tech runs out with the brown strat and straps it around him...and then SRV changes guitars completely in the middle of the Voodoo Chile solo without missing a single note! I nearly shat myself as my eyes hung halfway out of my head! :eek:
Wow, I was listening to "Look at Little Sister" just as I come across this thread. Stevie is an amazing, amazing guitarist. What appeals to me the most about him to this day is his ear. He uses heavy strings and tunes low. Then it just cuts into your chest and you can feel the song in you. It's incredible.

He's so dedicated to the blues, it's crazy. He recorded a show with Albert King and it's just :shocked:.

And his ability to play slide. :faint:

He influenced so many people. John Lee Hooker was a big fan. Same with Hubert Sumlin, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson. You gotta be good with fans like that.

It's just such a shame his life was cut so short and tragically.

He is a god. Plain and simple.
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