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Happy Birthday to U2. That first rehearsal may have been the only time Larry was on board…

… a CUTTING board, that is!

Anyway, it occurs to me that they’ve probably mapped out the next 4 years at least to make it to 50.
Pffff..... still no news...
Almost five years since SOE. And then we'll get an album in 2026 full of shit like the last single.
Another Facebook update:

"Bono has some exciting news to share about his memoir, “SURRENDER: 40 Songs, One Story,” in the coming days… Text U2 at 917-540-8477 and be the first to know."
yeah something is happening - probably not what any of us suspect, but someone is starting to crank the machine. that fact that they're doing something new here with this texting stuff.... it bodes well. or maybe it just bodes.
Surely the book would do better if there was new material released at the same time. A book by itself will completely sink, no matter how much marketing trickery they throw at it.

What happened to the re-imagined songs? That would have been perfect.
Another Facebook update:

"Bono has some exciting news to share about his memoir, “SURRENDER: 40 Songs, One Story,” in the coming days… Text U2 at 917-540-8477 and be the first to know."

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I subscribed. This band and their buildups…to a delay or nothing special. :wink:
Text that number and the new album will be loaded on your phone whether or not you have an Android or iPhone. U2 only got iPhone users last time. Always pushing the envelope!
I think we're still getting SoS at some point , but all this recent talk is about Bono. Note "Bono has some exciting news to share." It's not "U2 has news to share"

Once the book is out I'm banking on a shift back
also, and this is pure speculation on my part, I imagine they want a nice juicy 40-song box set to promote into Christmas season
So tough to tell. Since it's Bono's book, I can see why they're saying "Bono" instead of U2.

Maybe Larry wasn't on board? LOL
I think it lends itself a little to a surprise album drop. I mean, they couldn't really say, New U2 news coming, text to be the first to know... If they were trying to keep it hush hush.

Just because the book is Bono's, there really is not distance from any of them and the band, and the book is largely about life and experiences in the band.

In fact, it would almost be weird for them not be released together if the chapters and songs on the album coincide. They could also sell them as a package deal, as RD said, holidays coming, so this is my guess.
Free book drop into everyone's letterboxes whether you like it or not.

Or more forcibly, Bono to knock on everyone's door and hit them over the head with his hardback autobiography. Leaving that and scattering U2 albums all over the place before fleeing.
Today on the Facebook stories bit is what seems like probably the most exciting inclusion so far 11 o’clock tick tock. October will also be great, 2 songs that’s studio versions are lacking quite a bit compared to live, will be nice to hear them reworked.
I can see them waiting and then tying in as a way of shifting more units of the book, but with a 7 week window prior to Christmas they are cutting it fine if it’s radio silence until the book comes out.

The Bono vs U2 focus is pretty easy to bridge by pivoting language in promo to “Bono’s band, U2 have….” Etc.
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