So Alive - Ryan Adams

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Ryan has been getting a lot of U2/Bono comparisons, particularly for that song. I think that's a pretty flattering compliment though!

He did acknowledge it at a NY show last year. I heard that a person at the show told him that he was imitating Bono, so Ryan said, "Okay, I'll knock it off with the Bono shit. Oh, wait, I haven't played 'So Alive' yet."
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The first song I ever heard from Adams and yes, it is similar to U2. :up: I like it. (song and the singer)

There was an "artist bit" on MTV the other day (where bands/singers speak for 2,3 minutes about their music) and he was on, talking how when you write an anthemic song with tom tom drums it's gonna sound like U2. Also for the last album he took "hints" sort of speak from his record collection - U2 and the Smiths. He also added when he's trying to hit the high notes in that song he's "crapping himself out as a singer."
It's really like U2!! And I like it too. Ryan Adams is really great! When good bands 'imitate' U2 I don't mind, as long as it is good. That's why I really like Coldplay too. They have very many similarities with U2, but they do it in a good way. And add their own sound to it.

Rmember 'very artist is a canibal, every poet a thief' Can't say it in a better way!
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