Random Movie Talk XV: You Asked For It, Cobbler

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I saw Poor Things last night and thought it was outstanding. I found the first fifth really disconcerting (and was having lots of woke thoughts like is this really offensive that they have Emma Stone playing someone disabled? These men are taking advantage, in many different ways, of a disabled child?! This is fucked up) but I kept my patience and was rewarded dearly. What a beautiful, funny, fascinating and uplifting film.
One of my favourite things that I saw on TV last year was Dark Waters - a true story about how DuPont manufactured stick free pans but contaminated all the water supplies and air around this manufacturering plant. The chemical in question is called PFOA, but any chemical with PF in its name can cause cancers, heart diseases and birth defects in children. At the end of the film they said that most people in the world have this chemical inside of them and it can never be removed.

That is something else to add to my ever growing list of anger I said to myself.
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