Racism: glorified hyperbole in America

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A lot of pain and sadness is coming for people who live amongst highly armed people who have been trained to think crime and murder is lurking around every corner.
A lot of pain and sadness is coming for people who live amongst highly armed people who have been trained to think crime and murder is lurking around every corner.

That's exactly what it is, politicians and Fox News and the like are doing that and exploiting that fear. I have seen that exact thing in action online, in a forum where it's mostly older women.

They're afraid and paranoid and obsessed with crime. But mass shootings, not so much. They make excuses for that and start talking about Chicago and fentanyl. Some of them.post about being armed, I can see many of them shooting someone who mistakenly comes to their door.

These women don't seem to live in cities with high crime rates either. They're obsessed with shoplifting stories too.

Here's a similar issue that involved a white woman dying. The common theme here is that guns fucking suck.

Yeah I just posted this story in the mass shooting thread.
F'ing crazy that someone shoots at a car where they were turning around in your driveway, not getting out of the car, nothing threatening whatsoever.
Shameful, deplorable, racist AF. How many white male adults peed in public as kids or adults and ever got arrested and put on probation for it? So traumatic and damaging for that child.

A probation officer, seriously? I guess Kobe was the first African American person they could think of, wtf to that too of course that is the least problematic thing of all here.


An attorney in Mississippi is preparing to file a federal lawsuit after a 10-year-old Black child was arrested and sentenced to a three-month probation for urinating in public.

Police in Senatobia, Mississippi, arrested a third grader who urinated outside his mother’s car in August. The child’s mother, Latonya Eason, was in a meeting in a nearby building when an officer came inside and told her that he’d seen her son relieving himself. Eason told HuffPost she then went outside to ask her son why he’d done that, and his sister replied that a bathroom hadn’t been available.

More officers arrived at the scene moments later, Eason said. The officer who witnessed the child urinating initially did not want to arrest him, according to Eason, but a lieutenant advised him to. Police took the child to a cell inside of a precinct, and Eason said they questioned him without her present.

When Eason arrived at the precinct, she said the police “did not take me where my baby was.”

“It was taken way too far and out of hand,” she said. “It should have never happened. That first officer that made contact with him, saw him do it, allowed him a break and that should have been that. It really did not take four more officers to pull up. I mean, he is only 10 years old.”

The child was charged this week in youth court as a “child in need of supervision.” He will be required to check in with a probation officer once a month for three months, and to write a two-page report about the late basketball player Kobe Bryant.

The prosecutor suggested increasing the charges if all parties didn’t agree to the probation terms, according to Carlos Moore, an attorney representing the child.

“To criminalize this boy for something that is so common across America is asinine. We are dismayed that an officer did this at the direction of the lieutenant,” Moore told HuffPost. “That tells me that there was some animus there. I believe it was some racism. You won’t find in America where a white boy has been done like this.”

Moore told HuffPost he plans to file a federal lawsuit against the police officer and the city of Senatobia.
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