Psalm 151 (When They Arrive)

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The Fly
Jun 28, 2000
Olympia, Washington, USA
Psalm 151
(When They Arrive*)

We?re all cross-eyed
We?ve all crossed the line
We?ll all never try
To deny the lie
Age and fame remain
True to you
Belief and hope
Regret and eschew
Knowledge and journey
Faith and yearning

Cross-eyed cats
Cops on call killing time
Sit reluctant, reticent
You grew old, grew wise-
only He knows the difference.
Did She hold your hand
as you murdered your son?
Grace fell on you
through Their desire.

Exiled from oblivion,
rescued from eternity,
you owe it all to Them.
Despite and in spite of it all
you are understanding
and you are understood.
I heard you, I hear them
and I am unsure
because grace has not met me.

We watch, we wait, and we trust-
They find beauty, goodness and faith
in everything.
So dance your dances,
sing your thanks, speak your praise
and She will find us all
ready for Them to arrive.

*see Genesis 1:26
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