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The weather since Fri ghas been absolutely gorgeous- low 80's -high 70's/DRY....deep blue skies, pretty, bright clouds. It will be like this just about all thru WEDS !!! The air basically smells nice ,esp when you're by anyone's building gardens or the parks :love:

I finally got on this trolley that runs around Prospect Park......takes about an hour to do around with a bunch of drop off/get on stops... it was beautiful....glittery sun on trees, people hanging out, lake all blue and glittery....

I've been trying for 3 summers to get ion it!!! :lol:

I missed it 2 yrs ago. Last year, it wasn't a trolly- it was a VAN...which is why I might have missed it the year before. I wasn't looking for a van !!!

Seems the trolley was breaking down here & there so it finally was hauled off to the shop for major fixing up.
So they substituted a van off & on in 2003 and 2004 {when i fianlly caught the van with a park sign on it... someone was getting off and i went over to ask about "THE TROLLEY" :lol:

So I rode the van last year...but it doesn't :no: coompare to the high ceiling and big high windows of the trollry so it was beautiful!

yersterday was art class.

tom & tues I'll {life willing} be in seveal parks with my bag of *magic tricks* my jewerly making materials!

being very restfuil, at ease, not caring muich about the time...etc
Just soaking up as much beauty, air/light glittering sunlight on trees & water as i can!!!! :love: :love: :drool: < putting it in the MJental/emo/spiritual bank account to 'draw on' in the dark days and leafless tress of winter. >
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Sad_Girl said:
That sounds so great, Dazz! :love:

:hug: SG

and eating yummy foods and extra "summer picnic/hoiday stuff' soda, great garlic/ herb potato chips and a newish second store for one of the big nyc Chocolatetier's chocolate candy making place that has "frozen choc drink" it's literally as far as i can tell pure excellent quality Choc powder and ice blended up!:drool: :drool: so it tastes like liquid dark choc OMG { :shifty: I pour That over bono and lick off/slurp it up :drool: :lol:

i treated myself to one on fri...since i wouldn't be back inj the nabe till weds.... and i'd just tried it the weerk before {got their nut bark a few weeks back}!
*browneyedgirl* said:
What happened to Vp? :shifty:

*browneyedgirl* said:
That sounds great Dazz!

What kind of jewelry do you make?

i string beads {glass, semi-precious } occasdionally

but i'm "known" {amongst my friends and aquaintances} for doing very unquire sort of assemblage wire wrap work with or without semi-percious and glass pieces small, med and med-big a mix, depends...

they are partially informed by the kind of sculptural work i did in the past...

Very unique and my sis who has some of the money [but will buy inexpensive street s\tuff if it looks good} to buy ARTISAN jewelry says a bunch of my stuff is up at that lelvel.

since i can't aford to buy it...i make it myself and it does satisfy my sculptural side of of srtlife { other is drawing, startuing to paint again and illustration }
You should show some pictures of your jewelry and artwork on here. :heart:

I've got some jewelry making supplies. I buy them and then never make anything out of them. :| :reject:
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