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Mar 26, 2004
Feeling the sunlight on my face.
I have a photo where the flash didn't go off and i'm in front of a window, so what you got is me looking like a dark shadow and everything in front of me dark as well lol.

I'd like to lighten it where you can actually make out my face. Is this possible to do? I have Photoshop 5.0 but I've never really figured out how to use it, so any directions would be much appreciated. Thanks! :nerd:
Without getting into layers, you can try to adjust the levels, curves, or brightness of the image. Back up the image first.

Go to Image|Adjustment|Levels and you will see a histogram with 3 sliders. Slide the gray one left to brighten it. You can also bring up the Image|Adjustment|Levels and click/drag the line to the right. Or you can go to Image|Adjustment|Brightness/Contrast and adjust there.
I have the latest PS, so I don't know if the older ones work the same way.
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For the second "Image|Adjustment|Levels" - the "Levels" should be "Curves" (typo). Either of the 3 methods should work. I prefer levels.
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