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Gareth Brown - I know a few guys just like you. don't worry about it. As you grow up, things like that won't matter so much, and you'll grow and change and get what you want. Just give it some time, and work on growing out your confidence, and being your authentic self.

Heh - but don't EVER lower your standards when it comes to women or people. (specifically refering to the intangibles, and not so much external attraction) But don't ever think that you can't snag a beauty, either. There's no reason to tell yourself no, especially if someone else may say yes to you.

'Tis nothing

Nihil Est

I mean, you're welcome


maybe later.........
MissVelvetDress_75 said:
I have only kept love letters from one of my ex's. I look at them every so often to see how silly and happy in love I once was and tend to drift off into the "What could have been" land while I read them. I always end up laughing when I read them because we were so in love and just pathetic about it.

:crack: My past has come back to haunt me.
I tend to keep all the things that friends/relatives/partners give me.
They're all in a shoe box and at times I go through that.
There's a sheet I was given when I was 13 by a classmate. It's so sweet, simple and awkward... but it is one of the nicest thing I ever read in my life!

and I found out I'm more romantic than what I thought... that's why I created a sort of handbook where I keep all the mails I'm exchanging with my special guy. And it is soooo sweet to read and re-read them!!
Yeah........ well, I guess if you're a person who can take positive things from it, then it's not so bad.

To me, they are relics of something empty, a dissapointment.

About being romantic..... I didn't think I was at all. And then I found out I was..... and... believe it or not, I think I actually can overdo it at times..... even so to a way that is detrimental to myself... which is what I have to watch out for. Thus this thread was made....
I think I was luckier that you...

The letters I got always reminds me of something positive.

And also the few ones with Vlad that are a little bitter are precious for me, because they are teaching me something.
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