Oh Lord, I just made this ode up!

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ONE love, blood, life
May 24, 2001
Angie Jolie lover from Belfast Norn Ireland. I LO
....and naturally had to share it in its entire shite contents!!!!

Oh elvis, u make us happy
Sometimes we let u down
There are some who get u smilin
Others u close with a frown
But let me make this clear
As we dance don?t try to hide
Just relax , let it all take place
And let my wee hand slide ?????.

???..DOWN to the music box
to turn u2 up loud
lets boogie all night with rock n? roll
enough to make them proud

Yes Elvis I adore u
I kiss ur ass each day
And honey should I ever move
Ur comin with me too stay
We will lock young Sic in the den
And feed her Larrys drum
Oh wait a mom, whats that I hear
She says she wants his bum???

Good grief now Elvis, theres the phone
I wonder who it is
Oh god its Johnny with his money
Getting his pants in a twizz
He wants to kidnap Sicy
And take her far away
Oh Elvis don?t u let him
Go kick his arse I say!

Im fed up in this household
All nutters and no fun
But what the hell, its all good shit
Cause u2 are No 1


I luuuuuuuv my car, shes my baby, my only baby.

Cars are better than men!
You really want that special status, eh, Madison??

U should address your ode to Mr. MacPhisto... BWHAHAHAHA!!



Masta Cow
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