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They did lose to New Zealand. Keep that in mind.

I bet you Tasmania could take down New Zealand at present.
>get a wicket
>no ball

Sri Lanka you're killing me with your inability to win.
This match is becoming surprisingly interesting now. Herath gets 5 wickets in an innings.
Sri Lanka set 393 to win? It's doable. Australia seem a tad cocky ... though it'll probably pay off.
Sri Lanka won't win. They're already 2 down for 47 and they leak wickets like crazy.
Looks like Sri Lanka have fought a bit more than expected, but Australia should get this.
Great, great test match.

Once again, Siddle does the business, and god knows how he does it! He doesn't appear to ever do anything with the ball, bowl above 140km/h, or look dangerous in the slightest - then he takes a bag of wickets. Good luck to him.

Wade bowling with Hughes keeping was classic:

Matthew Wade bowling vs Sri Lanka 2012 - YouTube

Wade is a better bowler than he is a keeper!
RSA v NZ T20. NZ require four off the last ball. Guptill on strike 97*. Hits a four off the last ball to win the game and get a century. Awesome.
Rubbish Binny was left out by the Indian selectors last night but no collected him and the Indian team manager Madonnakhan Singh announced this morning that Rubbish Binny would in fact play in place of Mohammad Hazabiggun, who has woken up feeling a bit stiff. :laugh:
Anybody have any idea where I can find a stream of the Boxing Day Test? I honestly just want to see the first over since it's a bit of a Christmas tradition of mine, but it's not on any channel we have where I'm staying in New Zealand (we've got pay TV but not the package with the sports channel showing it) and doesn't seem to have it. Maybe something will show up when it's about to start, but if anybody out there has any other ideas of where I could watch, that'd be most appreciated.
Thank god, found a stream in time for the first ball. And also thank god, Watson's not captaining Australia. I don't know what drugs Australia are on that lead them to believe Watson should captain in Clarke's absence. Huss obviously won't be around forever but he's so clearly the better choice - and frankly, anybody else on the team is a better choice than Watson.
Sri Lanka look like they were forcibly marched out to bat, perhaps at gunpoint, rather than actually choosing to do it after winning the toss. God, that Dilshan dismissal was bad.
They were absolutely horrible today. All day. Great day at the G, aside from the bloke I ended up sitting near after lunch with the "Drink beer eat meet speak f*ckin Australian" singlet. Anyone should be embarrassed to own something like that yet he wore it with pride. Did terrible Aussie Oi chants all day and also had a mullet.
I'm sorry, this is horribly too soon (and I should know, I'm pretty gutted - had no idea his cancer was so bad), but ...

I hope they hock off some awesome Tony Greig memorial merchandise during the New Year's test.
Thing is, I'd just about buy some awesome Tony Greig merch in his memory. Not as some ironic thing either, but because - well, fuck, there goes one of the voices of my childhood summers.
Whaaaat NO. Richie's still around but commentating about two balls a game. What are we left with now? :(
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