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We did it! We actually did it! We fucking held our nerve after all those cock-ups and won!

Oh man it's nice to beat the might of India rather than a fellow minnow like the Windies.
Vlad, I have even less confidence in the consistency of the Black Caps than you do in the Crows. We'll probably lose the next Test by an innings.

But oh man I want to believe.

I did not want Marsh in this side, but he made a bloody great hundred. I was wrong about Steve Smith, he is a super talent. Haddin, however, was out third ball, trying to slog-sweep Peterson, missing it completely, then reviewing when he was plumb LBW.
The real problem with playing South Africa - aside from this incredibly boring coverage and total lack of atmosphere - is I want to see Amla and de Villiers get hundreds in every innings.
Marsh has saved his international career, which is a shame given there are clearly better batsmen who should have his place. And yeah I've really come around to Steve Smith this summer.

You got Foxtel? I'm gutted to not be able to watch this on telly. South Africa collapsing at the start of their first innings! Unbelievable!
South Africa going to flop at home and play pathetically after a promising start?

It's going to be amusing seeing Australia back at the top.
Nah, Amla and de Villiers to put together a 200+ run partnership.
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