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A.B. de Villiers may be on track for the slowest Test fifty ever, per Cricinfo. :laugh:
What was the next slowest? A Dizzy Gillespie 50? :wink:

Hahaha. This is from the Cricinfo commentary: "Slowest test 50 was scored by TE Bailey England v Australia Brisbane in 1958-59. It took him 357 mins /350 balls."
They've still got Kallis who will relish batting in these conditions. They need two wickets.

No idea why Warner wasn't given a bowl before they took the new ball. Reminds me of Katich not being given a bowl.
Woah, Kallis, slow down mate, you're almost scoring at a run every two balls! :lol:
Australia must hate that they dropped him.

This is turning into some epic defensive batting. I want them to hold on.
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