OCTOBER treat for Ontario and Quebec U2 Fans and Friends :)

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Dec 5, 2001
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Hi all - just thought I'd bring you up to date on OCTOBER's busy
summer we have planned -

Of course we'll be playing Toronto at least once in each month July
and August, but in between we'll also be playing places like

Pickering, Sudbury, Ottawa, Kingston and Hamilton

- most of these are two night stands which make it ideal for anyone who'd like to spend a few days, see these lovely cities and of course listen to the sweet sounds of U2 in the evening! From what we hear a few U2 GTArs are planning on making one or more of these trips, and possibly even a few of our favorite Interlanders! ;)

For more details, see our tour page at OCTOBER - A Celebration of U2


OOOOO :drool:

Ok I smell a road trip...;);)

Hmm..pick a city, any city...

cmon ladies ;)

*edit: Ottawa's real pretty in summer heh*
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