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Jan 15, 2001
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Welcome to the new and improved forum at Interference!

PLEASE take a moment to read the FAQs section before you ask questions.

There are many more options here than you have been accustomed to so I strongly suggest you go over your user options (in usercp) very carefully before posting because there are annoying ones that are already default checkmarked; like email notification when someone replies to a thread you've replied to, or email notification when you receive a private message. So before you start posting, set all your options and preferences to your liking.

Please keep in mind there may still be a few bugs or things that have not been changed yet. The colors of the board WILL change at a later time.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and cooperation.

Enjoy the new forum!

i only have 1434 posts here, when i had 2600+ in the other forum. can i have my other 1200 posts back?????????????

can't i get my thread count artificially inflated????? i really don't want to be these many posts behind again.


Dude, there are more important things in life than your friggin post count.

Sheesh. :rolleyes:

You want a whiner status?
okay okay....

i guess i shall party like it's january 2001...

jusqu'au bout du monde...

Just testing. I need to get a feel for this board. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.


This forum rocks. :D :heart:

edit: my post count went down.. oh well. Doesn't really bother me. ^_^
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after looking a bit closer, i'm kinda pissed that i lost a little bit of my post count, but it's only about 100 posts so it's not a very big deal. and i didn't have a custom title anyway, so everything's all hunky dory with me!

it's gonna take some getting used to, but i think it's better than the old forum! :D

i also like the new smilies up top, and the addition of ones to the left!
custom smilies?

can you add custom smilie codes so :edge: =
The Wanderer said:
yeah, um, I know I suck for whining about this, but I'm currently sulking that I lost my "Kid A" status, I'm now a "New Yorker"

Elvis will be restoring the special status's. ;)
rafmed said:
The uploaded images in the signature don't work for me, is it right?

You just post a link, in the signature box in your profile options. Make sure you keep sigs smaller than 150-200 pixels in height, and images smaller than 150 pixels in height or else it wont work.
The administrator has specified that you can only edit messages for 20 minutes after you have posted. This limit has expired, so you must contact the administrator to make alterations on your message.

Could you please make it a bit longer?? I can't edit my stupid mistakes now... :( :eek:
MEMHPIS-EVE 007 said:
I have a question: How can I get one of these little pictures under my name?!

Just click on the 'user cp' button on top of the page, choose 'edit options' and there you find at the bottom of the page 'avatar'. Click on the button next to it and then you can choose a pic or you can insert one yourself.

Had to look for it myself so now I'm glad i can help someone else with it :)

Personally, in my opinion, I don't think special statuses should be restored. I think, in too many ways, it caused too much tension and added to the popular misconception that this is a cliquey place. Some people ended up getting "cool" statuses, while others were, quite literally, made "loo cleaners."

A suggestion on my end would be to allow us to pick our own statuses, while setting up ground rules to prevent abuse (i.e., nothing profane, obscene, etc.) and letting people know that if this privilege is abused, it will be taken away. I think that *most* people here would not abuse this privilege.

It's just my opinion....I'm not whining. You can do as you wish, of course...

can someone explain the different thread notification options? [email, control panel, or whatever the hell they are called?]

*hoping this thread doesn't blow up when I reply*
MEMHPIS-EVE 007 said:
I have a question: How can I get one of these little pictures under my name?!

P.s: Congrats for the new forum. It`s kindaq big and...complicated but I`m sure I`ll manage :eeklaugh:

Just go to your user options and click on the avitar options. It will take you to a page with the little pictures. Just click on one and there ya go! :)
Can I have my Thom's Bitch status thingy back or something even more complimentary?
Just a small question..

I remember, way back when in February or so, Elvis said he would change the title of Where The Album Has a Name back to Where The Album Has No Name, because we are waiting on a new one -- ATYCLB isn't exactly "new" to us anymore.

So.. is that going to be done, or did he forget or what? ;) Just my idle mind working.
sharky said:
can someone explain the different thread notification options? [email, control panel, or whatever the hell they are called?]

*hoping this thread doesn't blow up when I reply*

If I were you I would choose "No Subscription" otherwise for email you will get emailed everytime someone replies to your threads/posts, control panel, or you will be notified in your control panel when someone replies or PM you will get a private message everytime someone replies.
Elvis ate america


what happened to Elvis ate america forum? I would like to see one thread that was there last night? how can I find it and get to it?

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