New ac-30 or vintage?

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The Fly
Aug 25, 2007
Im considering investing in a new amp. I have my eye on an AC-30 (My holy grail) but need some advice.

I have the opportunity to purchase a late 70's AC-30 (from a pawn shop, this build date is not for certain but i am pretty sure it is of this vintage, is there any way of knowing for certain?) or a brand new Vox AC30 CC2X for roughly the same price. (Around $2500 AU)

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do. I haven't yet played either, but what were the ac-30s of this era like compared to the new model? and is this too pricey? The 'vintage' has the blue celestion's also and is not the solid state model.

Anyone's help is greatly appreciated!

First thing you should do is play so you can compare. The old one may be gorgeous but it may have some hidden defects. So play, play, play!

Now from what I heard the new amps aren't so bad and they do come with all sorts of new features the old didn't have. Like a send-return loop. A store owner whom I completely trust thinks the new amps may even be a bit better and he owns a vintage one.

But then again old amps have that vintage sound that only comes with age. If well maintained (a very important caveat) amps age well like a fine wine. That's why the Edge prefers vintage amps rather then new ones.

That being said the choice also depends on your needs. If you think a send-return loop is critical the vintage amp is useless. If you got a Pod or another modeling processor it will sound crap without the ability to plug in directly in the return loop. If you plug in everything in front like the Edge does and send-return be damned then the old warhorse is your amp.

Of course I know what I would do. Especially if it comes with blue celestions. :drool: A find like that is the whole reason for anyone to visit pawn shops. I wish there was one where I live. :(
thanks for your advice, I do own a pod xt live and would mostly run it in front of the amp for just effects with amp modeling switched off. The ac30 on the pod sounds good but Ive fallen for their sound and wanna take the leap for a new one.

Do you have any idea how to date the amps. The vox company are no help.
Not really, I mostly use Fender amps myself. Have you tried using your Google-Fu? While company sites tend to be a lot of style over substance, you can amazed what ordinary users have done.
ok i know what model it is its a 1980 vox climax combo does anyone have any info on these amps? Ever owned one or know how much they go for? They seem rare
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