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Knicks were a M*A*S*H* unit by the end. Imagine if they had somehow won yesterday and went on to face the C's without Brunson, Randle, Anunoby, Robinson, Bogdanovich and a clearly hindered Hart.
Hopefully the Pacers got their "can't miss" game out of their system yesterday.
Has to feel like a huge missed opportunity if you're the Pacers. Let that one slip away in the final 30 seconds of regulation.
Nice of Carlisle to take the blame for his awful coaching down the stretch of game 1 instead of blaming Boston form being a big market.

Celtics stars are still incredibly frustrating to watch. It's weird to complain that a team who is a 1 seed and is about to roll to an NBA finals appearance should be better, but, well, here we are.

Also it's been funny to watch the hot take machine suddenly realize that maybe, perhaps, Anthony Edwards is not Michael Jordan.

Will Kyrie stomp on Lucky if the Mavs win?
No offense to Hewson and Phanan, but the only thing I want from the rest of the season is someone to beat the Celtics. I think the Wolves are best equipped to do that. I still see them getting past the Mavericks, but after game 1, my confidence isn't as high.
The Media: Anthony Edwards is that guy. He's the second coming of Michael Jordan.

Years ago, probably 5-6 years I was walking into a Whole Foods in Hillcrest, burb of San Diego. I heard a voice ask politely for me to grab him a cart.
As I turned around with the cart I had to look up about 10' and realized it was Bill Walton. Still one of the tallest human beings I've ever seen in person. Gave a nice thank you and then walked like a man who's knees didn't exist anymore
I never encountered Walton in person, but I did once walk past Manute Bol in the lobby of the Garden before a Celtics game. Tallest human I've ever seen in person, Crazy tall.
I met 7’6” Shawn Bradley when I was a teenager and got his autograph.

According to this list, there have been less than 20 people ever from the US that were taller than 7’6”, and around 100 people in documented history. Pretty crazy how rare it is to be that tall.

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